Building Regulations Drawings: Starting Off on the Right Foot


Before you start a construction project, it is good to comply with all regulations set by the authorities. One of the requirements before applying for permission to build is to have building regulations drawings.

What are building regulations drawings? These are a set of detailed construction drawings showing the architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, and all other structural details of the building you intend to erect.

These drawings should be created by qualified and experienced professional architects such as Humphreysandsons to avoid missing important and costly details. That said, this article will take you through everything you should know to prepare and submit the building regulations drawings on time to start off on the right foot.

How to Prepare Building Regulations Drawings


Firstly, hire a professional architect to prepare the building regulations drawings. Assuming that you have an idea of what you want to build or extend, hiring the right architectural company for the job will be easy.

Secondly, discuss what you want in detail before the architect makes the building regulations drawings ahead of permission application. These drawings are also used all throughout the construction process by the builders and other contractors.

Thirdly, scrutinize the drawings in detail to ensure that no mistake is made, and if there are any, you can correct them on time. If need be, you can involve other stakeholders such as the interior designer, electrician, plumber, and builder.

Importance of Building Regulations Drawings

Building regulations drawings, unlike planning permission, are detailed and focus on the technical details of the structure. Accordingly, completing them correctly will bring numerous benefits to you and the entire project.

  • Used to apply for permissions – Starting off on the right foot is very crucial when beginning a building project. Importantly, you will need the building regulations drawings to seek permission from the authorities to build.
  • Safety of the structures – When making building regulations drawings, one of the considerations is structural safety. Therefore, the architect ensures that the right structural standards are maintained, the right materials are used, fire risks are taken care of, and all other safety measures are checked.
  • Compliance with legal standards – Have you done projects involving party walls? Whether it is a new structure or an extension, all legal standards must be maintained, and detailed building regulations drawings will make this clear. Therefore, you will build without any legal challenges that could sabotage the project’s progress.
  • Ensure the project runs smoothly – It is good to have a smooth construction project that does not stop due to avoidable challenges. All building regulations drawings make things clear from the beginning so that all building preparations can be made.
  • Save on construction costs – Do you know how much a construction project can lose to hefty fines, demolitions, and other unplanned costs? It is a lot of money. But with proper planning such as having the building regulations drawings on time, the project can avoid all these costs and remain within the budget.


This article clearly shows how building regulations drawings can help you start off on the right foot with your construction project. These drawings are so important that one cannot afford to overlook them. Now that you know, it is time to plan accordingly.