Brand Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing – Where is your focus?


No matter what business you have, marketing is THE most crucial aspect and deserves its protocol. Even the best of brands need marketing every once in a while. Marketing serves as the most compelling way to build communication between the customer and the brand. This, in turn, helps in business growth.

Marketing is, of course, not a new concept. However, it advances with time. Marketing is more about communication. As the means of interaction vary, marketing varies too.

There are two types of essential marketing. Brand Marketing and Social Media marketing are the two common types.

In simple language, brand marketing is about your entire brand. It gives a bigger picture of your brand and acquaints your customers with the brand. We will talk more about this later on.

On the other hand, social media marketing is more. Social media marketing helps connect that very brand to build its customers through the users of the platform.

You probably find these slightly confusing. Read on to know more about each in detail.

Why is brand marketing integral!

It is a common misconception that brand marketing is about the offers by the brand. This is not further away from the truth!

When we talk about the recognition of the brand, we talk about the following:

Logo: The logo is not some funky symbol that looks cool and symbolizes your brand. It is a whole theory behind that one image.


Quality of service

Marketing ethics

And more

Every single thing that you think of about the persona of the brand comes under this banner.

What does the brand marketing effect?

One of the biggest things your brand marketing effects is the decision of your consumers. Once you establish this relationship with your customers, they depend on you for their decisions.

Apple is the top global brand of 2019. Let us talk about that. When given an option, you will know Apple inside out. You understand that the brand produces iPhones. You will see the result, the specifications, the features, and more! Not necessarily the good ones only. You will know the bad ones too.

The reason is the pure “bitten Apple.” When you see that logo, you know what to expect from it.

In short, brand marketing affects anyone who comes close to the brand. Effective brand marketing helps to make new customers and to retain them for long periods of time. For example, Apple is also a status symbol. Most celebrities and status-conscious people will carry the Apple iPhone no matter how bad the service gets.

Develop Brand Marketing Campaigns:

Check out the following! These tips will help you build a brand marketing campaign that is more likely to succeed

  1. Uniqueness: Your brand should have something to remember you by! The name, the logo, the color scheme, all of these need originality! However, bear in mind that it represents your brand’s persona.
  2. The exceptional quality of service
  3. Great customer service
  4. Set a persona
  5. Stay with the competition: If you are unaware of your game, then your downfall begins! Make sure to keep an eye out on what your competition is doing!

Why Social Media Marketing is Integral!

Social Media Marketing is the need of time in specific ways. We are in 2020, can you imagine your life without any Social Media? Out of 4.388 billion Internet users, 3.484 Billion use one or the other Social Media.

Imagine missing out on more than half the people on the planet for your marketing! Before we get into why Social Media Marketing, let us see why it is so efficient.

Ever wonder why every celebrity, every brand, everyone uses Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform? The reason is simple! They have direct communication.

Take 20 years back when movies and celebrities were a part of our life. But what was more was there were gossip columns. Whatever we knew about them was through magazines. These rarely worked to their advantage. Any paper or magazine took words and twisted them for gossip.

However, at this age, no one gets away with that! Any news or gossip is clearable through the direct Social Media approach. Stars do not need interviews and other parties to talk to their fans; they directly do that! Also, they do it for FREE!

The enhancement of direct communication brought Social Media in the limelight for brands. Brands get the same opportunity to talk to their customers, to understand their needs, and to work on suggestions directly to improve them.

The following things are what your Social Media Marketing does:

Increase awareness of the brand

Builds conversations

Create a positive image of the brand

Develop Social Media Marketing campaigns

The following are a few tips that help with paid and unpaid social media marketing campaigns

Content planning: Its time you make a content team if you don’t have one! Plan every piece of your content, the nature of the words, and the requirements.

Never be inactive on your page

Target your audience and run ads on them

Link and curate outside links

Use analytics to strategize

Use tools: One of the biggest mistakes that people generally make is to run away from social media management tools. These tools are the new thing and are very helpful in social media marketing. Take, for instance, Social Champ. It is a Social Media Management tool that helps a lot. It has features to schedule your posts for consistency on your page. It also has content curated from the internet. Instead of looking for good quality stuff to post, you simply share it. It helps with team collaboration too. There are so many features to it!

Wrap up!

Brand Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing, what is more important?

The answer is simple. Both! To understand it easily, imagine that brand marketing is the first step. Establish your brand marketing before you move on to Social Media Marketing. However, take them both neck and neck too! Brand marketing will help build more trust. On the other hand, Social Media marketing keeps your audience updated and connected.

Even though marketing ways change all the time, one thing seems to remain constant. The art of taking all the strategies together to make it beneficial in the long run!