Brad Mondo: Net worth, Relationship, Family, Careers, personal life and more

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Brad Mondo – a popular name in the American Fashion Industry. How much do you know about him?

Brad Mondo is a popular hairdresser based in Franklin. He is known for his self-titled YouTube Channel. His YouTube channel has more than 6 million subscribers. He has worked for many celebrities. Apart from being a hairdresser, he is a good model too.

To get info about Brad’s personal life, Brad Mondo brothers’ net worth, relationships, and Quick facts read the full article.

Who is Brad Mondo

Brand Mondo is a famous hair styler based in Franklin, Massachusetts. He gained his property for funky hair hairdressing on his YouTube Channel. His father was a hairdresser who introduced Brad to this profession.


Brad’s father owned a salon where Brad spent a long time. Brad has already gained more than 7.04 million subscribers on YouTube. His sense of hairdressing and way to impress people has taken him to this level.

His work for transforming a person into a different look through hairdressing is appreciable. He worked as a model on various magazines and brands.

From just right of his childhood, he has an affection for the styling and fashion industry. For this reason, he pursued his career in his father’s footsteps.

He started her career on YouTube when he was just 12. But later on 20, he decided to choose it as a career option. His popular upload for transforming the famous dancer D’ Amello’ got huge successes.

Family and personal life

The original name of Brand Mondo is – Brand Gisondo. But he is known by the name Brand Mondo. He was born in 1994, Franklin, USA. Brad Mondo’s age is 26 as of 2021. There are his brother, mom, and dad in his family. They follow Christianity.

From his childhood, he lived to see the work of his father. Soon, he gets passionate about this profession.

In early life, he used to work in a salon which gave him hands-on experience in this profession. Apart from hair hairdressing, he keeps his hobbies in traveling also. He has a pet in his house. He loves to play with it. His Instagram profile also showcases his love for his family. Many times Brad has posted photos with her brother and mother at brad mondo salon on Instagram.


He loves to transform a person with a unique and funky hairstyle. He still enjoys the way of his hairstyling and the appreciation from the customers.

At just 12, he opened a YouTube channel in his name. He used to upload videos of new hair styling. At that time the channel was not popular at all.  At the age of 22, the number of subscriptions started to increase.

People liked his work and interacted with it. This makes Brad decide to start his career on Social media platforms. The main thing that draws attention to his video is his funny reaction. However, his hair hairdressing and the tutorials provide a depth of information that the audience finds worth watching.

Brad has already worked with so many celebrities. Those celebrities are Vanessa Hudgens, Shay Mitchell, etc. The dedicated Instagram profile of Mondo discloses his passion for modeling also.

He uploaded his first video named ” Justin Bieber What Do You Mean 2016 Hair! / bradmondo”. That time another famous hair hairstyle video liked the video. Just like that, the other famous styling video clicked on its like button. This was how Brad got his fan follower base on YouTube.

As soon as he got famous, he started to get paid from YouTube. Now his video is one of the top viewed hairstyle videos on YouTube. From those videos, he gets around 300-350 million views on his videos.

Not only on YouTube but Brad but also has a strong follower base on his other social media profiles. His Instagram profile has more than 400K followers. He also uses his social media profiles for promoting other brands.

Now Brad Mondo Merch own made T-shirts hoodies and other accessories. His talent, dedication, and passion for work will take him to the top level of this business also.

Net worth

Brad Mondo earns money from three sources mainly. These are:

Sponsorship: He has a huge fan base on Instagram. So, he gets a handsome amount for promoting other brands. His charges for sponsorship vary depending upon the post and duration of the deal.

Merchandise: Brad has opened his new brand. They sell T-shirts, hoodies with funky designs. However, he sells through another site.

YouTube: His primary source of income is YouTube. He gives up hairstyling techniques, ideas. Brad earns here as per the total views in his video. As the subscribers and views increase, his income also.

Apart from that he also earns from hair hairdressing in 2021, his net worth is about $ 6.42 million.


Brad Mondo is single. He had a relationship with a girl. Now Brad is focused on his career. However, he is in search of a good partner in his life.

Surprising facts about Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo always surprises audiences with exciting hairstyling videos. But did you know any surprising facts about him? If not, then follow me.

Brad Mondo is actually from a salon  family

It is said earlier that Brad has four members in his family. His father was a famous hairdresser who worked in a salon. His father opened up this salon. Brad started his work from his father’s salon.

Brad Mondo doesn’t have a twin brother.

Do you know anything about Brad Mondo twin?

Suddenly Brad Mondo uploaded a video on YouTube claiming that he has a twin brother. This is not true. Mondo has a brother who is older than Brad by three years. The fact also had a bad effect on his reputation. But right now the thing is fixed up.

Brad Mondo got viral on Instagram and YouTube

Brad Mondo had gone through a lot of struggle to establish himself on social media. He opened the channel in his childhood. But the Instagram account and YouTube did not grow at his expected level.

Time got turned over.  After a long time, his dedication to the fashion industry started to draw the attention of people. A large number of people started to watch his videos and liked them also. Soon, Brad Mondo got viral on Instagram and YouTube and successful in his dream career.

Quick facts you didn’t know about Brad Mondo

  1. From a simple hairdresser to entrepreneur of the brand xmondohair. He started business in 2019.
  2. Brodo is a scriptwriter who directed TV series are Mondo Makeover,

These all are the unknown facts about Brad Modo. Let’s continue reading our article till it’s an end to know more about him. To get exclusive styling for your hair, you can connect Brad Mondo – the dog’s star in the fashion industry.

FAQs About Brad Mondo

How do I get in touch with Brad Mondo?

Brad Mondo is a famous hair hairdresser. Many celebrities had already taken his service. He earns a lot from the hairdressing job.  Brad says that he loves transforming other people. You can get in touch with Brad easily.  Just call 18006972536.

Is Brad Mondo’s hair dye permanent?

Brad Mondo uses various fashion colors in Brad Mondo’s hair. However,  these are semi-permanent. Rather these semi semi-permanent colors are quick washable and add a good conditioning layer to hair.

Is Brad Mondo related to Ian Somerhalder?

No, Brad is not related to Ian Somerhalder. Brad Mondo is a famous hair hairdresser. Ian Somerhalder is an actor. However, some people claim they almost look the same.