Best Hair Routine That Stands The Stress Of All Years


Who doesn’t want a hair worth looking at? All shiny, full of volume, ready to upload a picture saying ‘good hair day.’Having great hair is one of the ornaments girls wear with pride, so do men, but when the hair loses its beauty, women and men lose confidence. To not feel timid, here are some best tips on how one can stand out from the stress and wake up to a good hair day every day.

What Hair Goes Through

Hair goes through weather changes, scalp conditions, pollution, breakage—some of the significant reasons are elaborated below.



In a tight schedule where everybody is busy earning their living by traveling daily for work, it is hard to maintain the hair’s health that we praise the most in our body. Smokes from vehicles, restaurants, chimneys and industries get mixed up and cause health hazards, including hair. So, you can try a bandana headband to cover your hair.

The amount of heat and oxygen a human hair need is already given by nature; apart from that, due to the pollution, heat rises and cause sweating between hair follicles, The skin gets irritated and itchy, which leads to constant itching that ends up injuring the scalp by which the vital force that keeps all roots of the hair together gets weakened, and hence, hair fall.


Before talking about dandruff, let’s be clear it has nothing to do with hair; it’s a skin condition. It is common among humans, which causes constant flaking of scalp skin. Like other parts of our body sheds dead skin in the same way, our scalp renews itself and pushes the dead skin to the surface, and this process is called flaking. The fungus that causes dandruff is called Malassezia globosa, though dandruff is harmless but can become a condition if it overreacts to that fungus.

Split ends

When our hair becomes dry, brittle, and frayed due to extreme weather conditions, hair care techniques like straightening, curling, and blow-drying, split ends happen. It mainly occurs at the tip of the hair. Grooming habits cause split ends, too much pull of the hair and products used to tie the hair into braids is the secondary reason. Heat is another reason for breakage. But there is a way of preventing it as well; go for the best liquid multivitamin.

The water that rests in the hair gets removed when applied heat through irons and blow dryers and damages the cuticle; the lack of hydration in the cuticle aims at breaking a lone hair.


It’s not the first time someone says lice, the name itself is difficult to accept. When children catch lice, parents freak out and blame the poor child for her hygiene, charge them for not brushing and washing their hair correctly, and that’s where they are wrong. A head-lice infestation does not show an unclean living environment; instead, it is just blood-sucking insects from the human scalp and does not carry any bacterial or viral infectious disease.

Malignant Products

Some products simply give false promises to get the hair better. Still, it permanently damages it, which sometimes leads to baldness, and to cure it temporarily hair transplant is done.


Even after knowing that glues used in wigs to attach them to our hair are harmful, we use them anyway to look different. Generally, it is not made for our scalp or hair. These glues have the potential to close your pores completely and can damage hair follicles. Allergic reactions are common in this case which does not stop at the general scalp allergy; it causes swelling in extreme cases and makes breathing and swallowing almost impossible for one. This putrid effect leads to hair loss and bald patches called alopecia.

Products, not for you

There is a vast list of products that everyone should avoid to keep their hair healthy and natural. Silicone-based products should be avoided as they give an illusion of shiny, soft hair but it is drying the juice of your hair from inside. Cheap shampoos contain sulfates and other lathering solutions while they remove natural hair oils.

Plastic brush vs. Wooden brush

Since we understand a brush made of plastic and nylon by hairbrush, we fail to choose the right brush for our hair. Plastic brush damages the cuticle and causes hair fall. A wooden brush is suitable for brushing your hair as it helps to circulate blood in your scalp and massage, which eventually lets baby hair grow.

Colouring, Bleaching, And Frequently chopping Off Hair

Hair dyes and colors were invented to hide the grey hair of both women and men. It had ingredients that made the hair shiny and gave texture to it. In recent times the want of coloring and bleaching hair has increased because of the fashion industry; the game industry has also introduced a hairstyle called ark hairstyle, which has different levels of fan following. Nowadays different types of chemicals are mixed with colors so that it lasts longer than expected. Cutting hair often can also lead to thinning of hair, the volume becomes less and the quality of hair starts to decrease as it is not given enough time to grow out properly.

Summing It Up With The Best Hair Care Routine

The process of finding the proper routine for your hair is a bit intimidating, but once you find it, it’s like you are rarely stray. Here are some hair routine tips for you.

  • It’s best to keep your hair natural, don’t judge what type your hair is, just give it all the love you have.
  • If your hair has come in contact with hair dye, do not wash it every day as it will lead to premature color fading and make your hair dry. Instead, oil it one day before you plan to wash your hair.
  • If you like vibrant hair color and have used bleach, then extra nourishment is needed for your hair in the form of conditioner and hair masks.
  • cleansing is required for hair as it is for skin; it removes dead skin and cleans the surface for new ones to appear
  • If you are a swimmer, make sure you shampoo your hair after coming out of the water, it doesn’t allow the chlorine to sit on your hair for long.
  • Try to stick to a particular brand, whether it is shampoo, conditioner, or oil.
  • Alternative days are perfect for washing hair with an oil massage 30 minutes before extending that to 1 hour if in a hurry. The best is to leave it for a night.