Best Careers in Finance in 2022


In 2022, there are over 116,034 finance professionals that are currently employed in the U.S.

Do you want to work in finance but aren’t sure which career path is for you? The recent COVID-19 pandemic reinvigorated interest in financial literacy. As a result, there’s an increased demand for financial professionals.

You’re on the right page if you’re trying to figure out which finance jobs to pursue. Here’s a quick rundown of some must-know information on the best careers in finance.

Financial Manager 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial manager careers will grow 19% from 2012 to 2022. Job prospects should be best for those with a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, such as accounting or economics. Although a master’s degree is not required, it may give job seekers an edge in the competitive financial management job market.

Financial managers should have strong math skills and analytical abilities. Experience in financial analysis and decision-making is also essential.

You’ll be responsible for overseeing the financial operations of a company or organization. It is a highly-responsible position that requires excellent analytical and decision-making skills.

Financial Analyst

There are many different types of financial analysts, and they all share a common goal to help their clients make money. They analyze financial data and recommend investments, managers, and strategies. Financial analysts have a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, and many also hold master’s degrees.

Financial analysts can predict which investments will perform well and will not be in high demand. Those who can help their clients minimize risk and maximize returns will also be in high demand. Those who can help their clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of finance will be the most successful.

Management Analyst

To become a management analyst, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration or finance. Many management analysts have a master’s degree in business administration.

Management analysts use their financial skills to help organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness. They help reduce costs by streamlining opportunities. They can also help increase revenue by implementing new pricing strategies.

Many management analysts work in consulting firms but are also in various industries. These include banking, insurance, and manufacturing.


Accountants are in high demand worldwide. They can work in various industries, and they are always in need. There are many different accountant jobs, and the career is evolving.

Accountants are always in high demand, and their skills are always in demand. The career is always exciting, and there are always new opportunities for accountants.

Getting a certification in accounting is essential to landing a job. There are courses you can take online that can surely help with your career goals. Check out this self-paced course, as it can help you start with entry-level finance careers.

Know the Best Careers in Finance to Make the Right Decision

Many great jobs in finance will be in high demand in 2022. Some of the best careers in finance include analysts, accountants, and financial managers.

If you are looking for a career in finance, now is the time to start planning and preparing. Many great resources are available to help you choose the best career path. Also, do your research to know about the highest paying finance jobs.

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