Best Bracelet Styles for Men


Bracelets for men are a rather controversial topic with some who are happy to sport them, whilst others aren’t as onboard. Though some men prefer to keep their style minimal with a simple wristwatch or wedding ring. However, many men find that they want to mix up their style by incorporating a wider array of accessories. One of the most minimal accessories that you can introduce to your wardrobe in order to ease yourself into the jewellery sphere. There is a huge selection of bracelet styles, meaning that you can opt for a style that works best with your wardrobe.

Leather Bracelets

One of the most classic bracelet styles is leather bracelets like this. These are ideal for the minimalist man who isn’t quite ready to bring metallic colour into their wardrobe. Instead, leather can be matched to the colour of what you’re wearing so that it slots in nicely with your existing ensemble. Whether you’re after an elaborate braided cuff or a plain leather strap, you’re likely to find a style to suit anyone. Leather bracelets are among the most casual of bracelet styles, meaning that you’re sure to get ample wear out of one. A leather bracelet is a great introductory bracelet.

Rope Bracelets


If you’re an outdoorsy adventurer, there’s no better bracelet style than a rope bracelet. They come in a variety of designs, whether you’re looking for a single or double wrap, or even a weave. Rope bracelets tend to symbolise someone’s travel experience, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked about where you got them from and what they mean. Similarly, these types of bracelets are particularly casual, meaning that they may not be adaptable to a suit and tie vibe. However, if you’re not a suit and tie kind of guy, they might be the ideal way to dress down an ensemble.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are attractive, relaxed, and tend to have a deeper meaning than your bog-standard accessory. For instance, onyx beads are believed to absorb and transfer negative energy. Despite this, even if you’re not a huge believer in materials hoarding particular energies, they still look great. If you’re not quite ready to thrust yourself into jewellery wearing, you might start with a black or brown bracelet to keep things neutral. However, if you’re keen to bring a splash of colour into your wardrobe, you might select a more colourful design. Like a leather bracelet, beaded bracelets are rather casual but can also work alongside a dressier ensemble.

Nautical Bracelets

Nautical bracelets are quite similar to that of rope bracelets, but they tend to have more elaborate designs. This is to mirror the knots that sailors are required to tie when docking boats. Similarly, most nautical bracelets feature metal shackles or anchor-shaped hooks that are found on ships. These are among the most masculine of bracelets due to their maritime nature. If you want to feel like a pirate, these are the best suited bracelets to bring into your wardrobe. Like rope bracelets, this style is extremely casual, meaning that it may not be easily applied to a smart ensemble.

Chain Bracelets

In order to dress up your outfit, you may consider purchasing a chain bracelet. Thinner styles of these are particularly elegant, whereas bulkier designs make a huge statement. When it comes to chain bracelets, your rein is not as free, as you have to worry about shades of metals. If you’re wearing other jewellery pieces, the shade of your bracelet must match your other metallic jewellery. Otherwise, you run the risk of appearing clumsily thrown together.