Basic Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth


Taking care of ourselves is something that we are supposed to do all the time, even in the middle of this pandemic. However, it is understandable that some of us might end up forgetting to do it. For one, there are a lot of people who find it difficult to remember brushing their teeth. It is supposed to be borne out of habit, as it is part of our hygiene. Since we are not meeting anyone (the masks also help with this), people seem to forget that it is an essential part of preparing yourself.

However, habitually forgetting to brush your teeth is going to be problematic in the long run as this link says. As we all know, plaque builds up in these crevices every day due to our food consumption. We need frequent brushing to clean it up and preserve its natural color. Unfortunately, some people may have conditions that may hinder the natural color from showing up. It can also be due to their habits, as we have mentioned beforehand.

Having a whiter set of teeth is something that most people would want. It is said that it adds to the attractiveness of the person. Some argue that it is also healthier looking compared to the yellower ones that we always see. Unfortunately, it is noticeable if you do not have these pearly whites, especially if they are crooked. It affects the person’s self-esteem, with some people ending up doing questionable stuff to improve their smiles.

Most of the tips and tricks shown for home remedies might not be the most effective of solutions. Most of them may end up damaging an essential part of your teeth called the enamel. It is the surface, which also means that it is also the hardest part. However, as it has more contact with everything in the mouth, it is also the most vulnerable. For this reason, it becomes yellowish, ranging from a paler, creamy tone to exuberantly yellow.


We all know that the best way to remedy the situation is by visiting a dentist. However, not all of us might not have the time or money yet to do it. Meanwhile, some remedies might be available which would whiten your teeth without damaging enamel at all. Some of these techniques can be used by anyone, and most of them are safe to use. Check out some of the household items that you can use to improve the color of your smile.

The Three Techniques

1. Oil Pulling

You may not believe it, but there are some oils available that can help you whiten your teeth. It is usually referred to as oil pulling, meaning that the oil should pass between the tooth’s crevices. The way it works is you gargle your oil of choice, but most people recommend some. Sesame oil is a traditional choice, while modern iterations use pure coconut oil as it is better in flavor. However, any kind of oil can be used as long as it is of high-quality.

One of the properties of various oils is their acidic properties. It is not as strong as the other acids like vinegar, but it is enough to remove plaque and other substances. Also, these properties are great for cleaning up any kind of bacteria in the mouth. This technique was used by Indians long ago, and it is still being used today.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Another substance that has been used as a whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide. You may have encountered it before as a wound cleanser or disinfectant. These days, it is often added to items like whitening soaps and toothpaste. The latter became the basis for using the pure substance for teeth whitening. It is used as an oil, as you need to gargle it to slip through the gaps between the teeth.

However, there is a catch with this substance: its purest form is an irritant. Many people claimed to have experienced gum bleeding or irritation after use. To be safe, find a product that has a 1.5% solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. It is the ideal ratio, but most stores these days would have 3%, so mix it with an equal amount of water to dilute it properly.

3. Baking Soda

You may have thought of using baking soda as an old wives’ tale, but it works for many people. As we know, baking soda is used as a cleaning agent to remove stains in many areas. However, with the right amount, it can also remove discoloration from the teeth. Simply use it as a toothpaste once a week, and you would see the effects. However, be careful as it does not taste good, so only let it contact your enamel.

Mix the baking soda with water; two teaspoons of water mixed with one teaspoon of baking soda. Combine them thoroughly, and you now have a makeshift toothpaste. Try to be gentle in applying it, using more circular strokes instead of up and down motions. Meanwhile, you may also look for toothpaste with a higher concentration of baking soda for ease of use.

Other Natural Solutions

As you may have read already, there are ways to whiten that part of our body. However, it is not an instant effect either as they need time to do it. It is essential to do maintenance since you cannot rely on those solutions all the time. First, it starts with your diet as your choice of food influences the color of the enamel as said here .

You may want to gorge on more fruits and vegetables, and it would be better if they need to be chewed. The act of doing so serves as a gentle abrasive on the surface of the tooth; it removes discoloration in the process. However, it still needs to be studied further as some of these claims might not work at all. There is nothing wrong, though, with adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Aside from adding, there are some food items you may want to avoid for a time. Food that is rich in tannins like wines, coffee, and soda should be avoided. As with soda, try to avoid it altogether as the sugars in these drinks cause tooth-rotting. The food coloring is also worse since it sticks to the enamel. If you cannot help but drink them, try to rinse your mouth with water afterward.

Regular brushing and flossing also help a lot, which is not a surprise. However, flossing seems to be forgotten all the time because it does take too long to finish. Some people also find it troublesome to pick their teeth with floss. However, you need to try and make a habit out of it as it also contributes to the discoloration. The leftover food also becomes a home for bacteria and assists the formation of plaque.

If you have other concerns regarding your teeth or mouth, visit the dentist instead. They can provide more solutions and help you with your discolored teeth as well. Sometimes, some people go to cosmetic dentists for surgical procedures. It is crucial to know if they are legally operating, though, as this speaks to their service quality. You can find most of them online or check out your local area. To help with your search, you can check out the dentists in Marlborough MA for professional advice on teeth whitening.