Are Condos in Hawaii Affordable Options?


Hawaii is often known as a tourist destination, with its beautiful beaches and lush landscape. But what many people don’t know is that Hawaii is also a great place to live, with plenty of affordable housing options available. If you’re on a budget, you might want to compare the affordability of condos in Hawaii to those in other states. Thankfully, you’re in the right place!

Benefits of Living in Hawaii

Firstly, it’s important to note the benefits of living in Hawaii. The weather is great all year round, which means you can enjoy the outdoors no matter what time of year it is. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy, from hiking and surfing to exploring the many different islands. Of course, let’s not forget the food. Hawaiian cuisine is some of the best in the world, with fresh seafood and fruits available in abundance.

All in all, the lifestyle in Hawaii is pretty hard to beat. But what about the cost of living? Can you afford a condo in Hawaii? Let’s take a look.

The Cost of Living in Hawaii

Unfortunately, the cost of living in Hawaii is notoriously high. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive states in the US to live in. When it comes to housing, there are a few different options available depending on your budget. You can find cheap apartments for rent on Oahu starting at around $1000 per month, or if you’re looking for something more luxurious, you can expect to pay upwards of $3000 per month.


Are condos affordable options in Hawaii? The cost of living in Hawaii is high, but that doesn’t mean that buying a condo is out of reach. In fact, depending on your budget and what you’re looking for, you might be surprised at how affordable condos can be.

The cost of condos in Hawaii compared to other states is relative. If you’re used to living in New York or California, then the cost of a condo in Hawaii is going to seem like a bargain. But if you’re coming from a smaller state, the cost might seem high. It all depends on your perspective. But one thing is for sure, condos in Hawaii are definitely an option; don’t let the rumors dissuade you from considering Hawaii because many before you have made the move happily.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Hawaii

If you’re like most people, you can’t just pack a bag and leave. Instead, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Here are a few things to think about before making the move to Hawaii:

  • Family – If you have young children, you’ll want to make sure there are good schools in the area. If you have elderly parents, you’ll want to be sure they’re close by in case they need help.
  • Jobs – Can you find a job in Hawaii? What’s the cost of living like? Will your salary go as far as it does in other states?
  • Budget – Speaking of the cost of living, what is the average cost of housing, food, and other essentials in Hawaii? Is it affordable?
  • Lifestyle – Do you like the fast-paced lifestyle of Honolulu, or would you prefer a more laid-back lifestyle on one of the smaller islands? Will you be able to maintain a similar lifestyle to the one you experience currently?
  • Property – When selling your home and buying in Hawaii, you need a professional service like Weaver Hawaii to help.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you’re considering a move to these beautiful islands!