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Hand Sanitizer
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Adam’s Hand Sanitizer

To redeem and secure American masses from contagious and prevalent infectious diseases like COVID-19 infestation, FDA is accomplishing a significant and crucial role. FDA is devoted to deliver and furnish the suggestions and recommendations which can assist in conceding back to this corona virus plague.

In responding back to this prevailing pandemic, the FDA has proposed three suggestions to meet the increasing and vast demand for hand sanitizers.

In a prevailing public health emergency, all the firms that were not registered medication and drug plants before the crisis can get themselves enrolled and registered as over-the-counter (OTC) drug and medicine manufacturers. These newly enrolled OTC firms can prepare alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Additionally, alcohol production firms were implored to produce alcohol for preparing hand sanitizers. They all were asked to operate under the given FDA guidance.

So, ADAM has veered our chemical preparing task to hand sanitizer manufacturing under the FDA’s proposed guidance. This aspect was formulated according to WHO protocols.

With almost no side effects, Adams Hand Sanitizer quickly rids your hands of all sorts of germs. While being proven effective, it is medically safe as it doesn’t have any added fragrances hence negating the possibility of allergies, etc. It is also a handy product when it comes to skin health as it doesn’t dry out the moisture of your skin even if you use it repeatedly. Adams Hand Sanitizer formula makes quick work of the germs without the necessity of using water or any other added substance.

Highlights of our product:

  • It is very thin in nature and hence absorbs quickly
  • It is a quick act product
  • We develop our product in a facility approved by FDA
  • It contains 75% of isopropyl alcohol therefore, is very effective
  • Adams Hand Sanitizers are very skin Friendly
  • Contains no added fragrances
  • We offer varied product packaging designs

The need to use Hand Sanitizers

A major proportion of diseases we suffer from are an outcome of the exposure to or contact with microscopic creatures like bacteria and viruses. The worst scenario which makes these creatures deadly dangerous is that they go undetected to the naked eye and can stay for very long durations on open surfaces. While cleansing your hands of these miniature creatures while using soap and a sink might not be a good idea at times as the virus or bacteria may be present there too, using a hand sanitizer to clean your hands remotely is a very good option. Another pro about using the Hand sanitizer is that it is very mobile and can be used anywhere and wherever necessary.

How to bring Adam’s Hand Sanitizer into usage

Hand Sanitizer isn’t something that will set your mind to thought when it comes to its usage. Here are some steps you may undertake to make sure that your hands are germ free and that the sanitizer is used to maximum effect:

  1. Draw a sufficient amount of the sanitizer onto one hand.
  2. Rub the cleanser across both your hands properly without missing a spot.
  3. Make sure you rub your hands into dryness. Refrain from using wipes of any sort or water after applying the sanitizer.

Just like that, your hands will be germ free and you can repeat the same steps while using the Adam’s Hand Sanitizer at any time.

Information for Consumers

After witnessing stark hikes in the Hand Sanitizer demands, FDA has scrutinized various samples of the product available in the market. Though, there have been claims about manufacturers using Ethyl Alcohol (also referred to as ethanol) as an ingredient in these Sanitizers, testing has brought forth traces of Methanol with a vast number of Sanitizers. Although both these substances are mighty effective when it comes to germ killing, however, Methanol is deadly harmful for human skin as it is very toxic in nature and can even be a threat to one’s life if consumed orally. In this regard, the FDA has already put out a warning note to the health care agencies and consumers of these products. Ultimately, it is a consumer’s responsibility to check the product before use to avoid any sort of problems.

U.S stands strong against COVID19

The United States of America has identified hand hygiene as the immediate response to the prevailing Corona virus and it is a befitting response too as hand to hand spread is the most common medium of spreading this deadly virus. Hence, the CDC has recommended the general masses to bring any alcohol based cleanser into use.  While soap and water might not be available and preferential all the time, Hand Sanitizers are the best thing one can look for and use.

It is highly recommended to keep Hand Sanitizers out of reach from children as it may cause serious medical situations if consumed. Make sure you rush to medical help in such case.

WARNING: even a few drops of Hand Sanitizer may propose a threat to your life if ingested. Keep safe and keep away from children’s reach.

Product Related Queries

1: Is Adam’s Hand Sanitizer harmful if used repeatedly?

We have developed our formula to be skin friendly. It doesn’t make your skin dry or dull neither does it cause any skin related infections. Hence in answer to such a question, it is fai9r to say that our product is harmless even if used repeatedly.

2: While there is a wide range of Hand Sanitizers available at cheaper rates, why prefer Adam’s Hand Sanitizer?

Unlike most other products, Adams Hand Sanitizer is developed as per the guidance of WHO and within the premises authorised by FDA. Our product is legally certified and contains an adequate amount of Isopropyl Alcohol and Ethyl Alcohol to make quick work of germs. We also refrain from using contaminating substances such as Methanol in our product to keep it health friendly. The other cheap products may not be as assuring as our product is.