A Review on Eight Best Soccer Balls


Football or soccer is always an entertaining sport. It is so thrilling to watch the battle between two teams over a ball, and both are trying to score and defending their opponent. Usually, in the past, soccer was played with leather balls. They were heavy and made the game slower.

But with time, the crafting of the ball changes for the improvement of the game. As soccer is a ball-dependent sport, the ball plays a significant role in football games. They are the deciding factor of the matches’ quality and make the games exciting for both the players and the audience.

Therefore, the best soccer ball is required for a quality football match. Several factors can make a soccer ball the best. Here, we will discuss the top eight soccer balls as per their features.

  • SELECT NUMERO 10 Soccer Ball:

This ball is comprised of latex bladder, PU laminated neoprene foam with a hand-stitched 32 panel. It is lightweight and suitable for both practice and professional games. As it has a latex bladder, the bounce of the ball is remarkable. It is easy to kick without force and has the same effect on natural and synthetic turf. The flight of the ball makes it outstanding. It is soft and responsive and has always been the first choice for every kind of soccer game.


2) ADIDAS TELSTAR-18 FIFA Approved Official Match Ball:

It is made with synthetic leather and has a butyl bladder and thermally knitted six panels. This ball is easy to control due to its 3D texture. Air-retention is long in it because of the bladder. The bounce is superb. It is easy to move fast with it. This ball is solid and long-lasting. The quality of the ball makes it one of the best soccer balls.

3) ADIDAS MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball:

This is a ball with a butyl bladder and Thermoplastic Polyurethane covers stitched by a machine. This ball lasts long and feels soft due to the nylon threads and machine stitch. It can retain air for maximum time because of the butyl bladder. It is available in three different sizes. It is the appropriate one for practice sessions and should not be used on concrete or beaches.

4) ADIDAS MICOACH Smart Soccer Ball:

This ball has some technical touch along with its butyl bladder and Polyurethane cover. The Bluetooth sensor is there to test the strength, spin, and strike point of the kick. The flight-way of the ball can also be traced with the help of Bluetooth. It is soft, long-lasting, and can retain air for a long time. It also has a charger base and AC power plug. The technologies made the model one of the best soccer balls that also helped the players improve their style and game.

5) ADIDAS MLS Top Training NFHS:

This is a thermally woven ball with a butyl bladder and Thermoplastic Polyurethane cover. Players prefer it for its flight, less water absorption, and improved feel, and its softness and durability are beyond any doubt. It is checked and approved by FIFA and NHFS. But it is not very light and not suitable to play in solid places.

6) WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball:

It is a traditional black & white lightweight synthetic leather-made football. It lasts long and can retain air for a long time as it is made with synthetic leather. This ball can be used for playing both recreational and professional games. It can also be used for practice sessions.

7) ADIDAS Performance MLS Glider Mini Soccer Balls:

This is a leather-made machine-stitched ball with a TPU cover. The cover makes it strong and flexible. The bladder is made of rubber that is suitable for a soft touch and responsive game. This ball is lightweight and goes perfectly to train future footballers. It is available in different colors and designs.

8) UNDER ARMOUR DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball:

It is a long-lasting product with a strong cover. The durability is guaranteed because of the machine stitch and TPU casing. It is soft, lightweight, and can be gripped and controlled easily. Young players can improve their skills if they use this product for practice. But it should be used on smooth surfaces.

So, here we have offered some best soccer balls’ descriptions with their features. One can now make their choice depending upon the features.