A Practical Weekly Routine for Busy Homeowners


Did you know people spend 2 to 4 hrs a week cleaning their house?

Your dream of better home life is within reach, but you’re probably busy with work and family. How are you supposed to find time to get everything done? And, more importantly, without draining your store of willpower?

With this home organization checklist, you can establish a habit of tidiness and usefulness. Read below to learn the weekly cleaning routine.

Cleaning Habits to Make Housekeeping Easier


For busy homeowners, having a practical weekly cleaning routine is vital to making housekeeping easier. Monday should be dedicated to cleaning any lingering dust and vacuuming carpets. Tuesdays can then be used to take out the trash and deep clean bathrooms.

Wednesday is the ideal day to do any washing, whether it be of clothes, bedding, or towels. Thursdays should be used for organizing and tidying up any miscellaneous areas. Friday is generally a free day, but it can be used for mopping floors and cleaning kitchen surfaces.

Saturdays should be spent outside, taking care of the garden and mail. Lastly, Sundays can focus on taking stock of the home and ensuring that any repairs needed are taken care of.

Busy homeowners can maintain a comfortable, orderly home by following this realistic cleaning routine. If you are too busy for this, visit https://itscleaningtime.com/pflugerville-house-cleaning-services/ and ask for their cleaning services.

Quick Strategies to Start Your Day Right

A practical cleaning schedule is critical for busy homeowners to stay organized and on top of everything. A great place to start is developing quick strategies to start each day right. This could include setting the alarm earlier and taking time for a healthy breakfast, setting a goal the night before, or taking steps to reduce stress during the day, such as taking a few moments for mindfulness or exercise.

Planning each day the night before can help reduce anxiety and help you stay on track. This could include writing out the most important tasks to complete or making a grocery list if needed.

Techniques for Deep Cleaning 

Busy homeowners can benefit from establishing a practical weekly routine to help keep their homes clean and organized. Setting aside a few hours each week for deep cleaning is the best way to stay on top of dirt and clutter. First, start with a quick 10-minute cleanup, which can involve putting away clutter and picking up.

Designate one day for disinfecting surfaces, spot cleaning, and tackling neglected or out-of-sight areas. During the weekend, vacuum or mop the floors, dust the furniture, and purge unnecessary items. Working with a list of tasks and setting manageable goals every day will save time and keep any frustration levels low.

People should also remember to take breaks and enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating during the cleaning process. With the proper techniques, busy homeowners can maintain a neat home without feeling overwhelmed.

Planning a Weekly Cleaning Routine

Organizing and designating a regular weekly cleaning routine for your home will help you stay on top of housekeeping. Take a few steps to form a practical plan and stick to it, and once you establish a routine, you’ll find your home is cleaner and easier to care for. Try it out now, and reap the benefits of a more efficient and organized home.