A Night On The Town: Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Evening


You can’t beat a good night out with friends, and it is important to plan these nights so that you can maintain relationships, make new memories and have some fun. The trouble is that nights out can be difficult to organize, but planning is key to a successful night out. While you do not need a strict itinerary in place, it is useful to arrange a plan. Otherwise, it can be hard to organize a large group of people (especially after a few drinks!). Keeping this in consideration, here are a few tips for planning the perfect night out that should help you to plan the perfect evening.

Confirm Numbers

First, it is a good idea to work out how many people will be attending your night out. You do not need an exact number, but a night out as a group of 3 will be a lot different from a group of 20! Once you have an approximate number, you can start to think about what kind of night you want to have and where the best places to go will be.

Pick A Suitable Meeting Point


You need to have a meeting point suitable for everyone so you can get together before hitting the town. It is always nice to meet at someone’s house first so that you can have a few drinks, properly catch up and get in the mood for a night out.

Plan Transport

Transport is another important consideration, especially if it is a large group! You might have someone that is a designated driver, but you may need to book taxis or get an Uber to your destination. You need to ensure that everyone knows what time you are leaving so that everyone will be ready to go once the transport arrives.

Choose Somewhere With Food & Drinks

To start the evening, you want to make sure that you are able to enjoy both food and drink. You can find trendy gastro pubs that have delicious and seasonal food along with craft beer, wine, cocktails, and soft drinks, and somewhere like this will be ideal. Ideally, this will be somewhere with a cool style, friendly atmosphere, and comfortable interior. If you will be arriving as a large group, then it is a good idea to book in advance.

Stick Together

A good night out usually involves visiting more than one place, but you do not want to break the group up. This is why you should find other places that are nearby and travel together as a group. As previously mentioned, it is important to have some flexibility, but you must also stay organized to maximize your evening to its fullest potential.

Planning a night out is not easy, especially when it is a large group of people and alcohol is involved! Organization is key to a fun night out, though, so this post should be useful and help you to plan a night out that you will all cherish.