A Guide to the Different Types of Screws


Mainly in the construction work and to attach anything at your house, you need to take the help of screws. There are available different types of screws, and according to your work, you need to select the best types of screws for your house or for any other work.

Even for the Construction of big buildings or any other thing, the engineers choose the best screws so that they can be out the best result using them. And if you are interested to know about some of the type different types of screws in detail, then hair we are sharing some of the names for you.

Some of the different types of screws to use

For those who are looking for construction work at their houses or for other buildings can know some of the names of these screws.

Wood Screws

Wood screws are the most common type of screws among the others. It comes with a plain shank, and it can quickly help you to make holes in your wooden furniture or any other woodwork. Even a maximum number of people have to take the help of this particular screw to do any work successfully.


Machine Screws

The second type of screw is a machine screw. This type of screw is made with brass or steel. Initially, they also have a very plain and blunt end. For engineers, these are the most usable screws, and it is the most demanding screws for making or joining the parts of anything in a building or house.

Thread Cutting Machine Screws

Another type of screw in the market is a thread-cutting machine screw. This screw is very similar to the machine screws and also provides a similar kind of work as well. Even to make holes in the metal, you need to take the help of the thread-cutting machine screws for your house or for your office work. Initially, it is another most usable screw on the market, and it can also help you to do a lot of work in your house.

Sheet Metal Screws

Even sheet metal screws are another type of demand able and popular screws in the market. It comes with fully pointed threads. For sheet work, most people use this particular type of screw, and it will help them to get the best result for any work. Initially, you can also use the same kind of metal screw for your house if there is any need in your house.

Self Drilling Screws

Another best type of common screw in the market is the self-drilling screw. It has come with a very sharp point, and it can easily make holes in the walls quickly. If you need to hang any pictures or any other important things in your house, you can use these particular self-drilling screws. Similarly, you can also take advantage of these particular self-drilling screws if you need to install any boxes or other work in your kitchen.

Hex Bolts

These particular hex bolts come with a very flat and hexagonal head. And for creating holes, you can take advantage of this particular screw. And even these particular hex bolts can also help you in tapping as well. There are also some other popular names for screws, but these are some of the most commonly used screws.


These are the best type of screws which you can also buy for your house or for your office for doing any type of work. But before purchasing them, you need to know which type of screws will be the perfect fit for your house or office.