A Guide to the Best Iron Supplements for Pregnant Women


If you have a deficiency in irony, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 14-18 percent of all Americans take supplements for iron deficiency.

However, if you’re a pregnant woman, iron is going to be extra important for your body. Iron is key to distributing oxygen throughout your body. It’s needed in times of intense growth and development; of course, this applies to when you’re growing another human being in your body as well.

To improve your pregnancy health, we recommend taking iron supplements. But what are the best iron supplements out there for you? This article will walk you through a brief guide to some supplement options.

Slow Fe Iron Supplement Tablet

This is one of the most popular iron supplements out there. You’ve likely walked past it in your pharmacy of choice.


Slow Fe is very popular for its easy-to-swallow quality, as well as its low cost. The popularity means it’s often in stock in a place close to you, and you won’t need to go far to get it.

A disadvantage is its relatively low power. This particular formula is not great for all stomachs and can sometimes cause some stomach issues.

New Chapter Fermented Iron Complex Tablet

These are a bit more expensive than the above option, but for good reason. This supplement is organic, vegetarian, and kosher, so almost everyone will be able to take it. Its ingredients are fermented, which can increase your stomach’s health.

This product has undergone third-party testing, so you know that it’s top-quality no matter what.

MaryRuth’s Iron Supplement Prenatal & Postnatal

This is another higher-end option. Some people can’t swallow pills very well—this one is a liquid.

If you have a tough time with the taste of liquid iron supplements, this might be the one for you. People often consider this the best-tasting liquid supplement out there.

Citranatal DHA 90

Citranataly is a great iron supplement for anyone that’s dealing with some of the side effects of pregnancy.

It contains a stool softener to make sure that you stay feeling and operating normally.

It also contains ingredients that benefit both you and the baby. It has calcium, which will reduce bloating in you and aid in the development of bones and teeth for your child.

On top of this, it contains an ingredient that will reduce feelings of nausea—perfect for feelings of morning sickness. For more information on Citranatal DHA 90, contact us today.

The Best Iron Supplements

As you can see, iron supplements are a great option for anyone wanting to go through a healthy pregnancy. It’s important to help the growth of your child and to keep you functioning in your life.

Any of the above supplements are the best iron supplements you can take. We particularly recommend Citranatal for its multi-faceted use.

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