A Complete List Of Ark Dino Color Chart


To give perfect color to the body parts of a creature, you need to take the help of multiple color options. But giving the paint to a dinosaur or any other animal, it is essential to choose the best color option so that the look becomes interesting.

Recently Ark Dino Color Chart has become one of the top favorites for people for paintings. Whatever creature or animal you want to color, you can take help from this chart.

People are also looking for the Ark Dino Color Chart, and as of 2023, many colors have been added to the list. If you are interested in finding out all of the updates about the chart, then here we are sharing complete detail of the Ark Dino Color Chart.

Complete List Of Ark Dino Color Chart

Color Name Color ID Color Hex Code
Red Color ID:1 #ff0000
Blue Color ID:2 #0000ff
Green Color ID:3 #00ff00
Yellow Color ID:4 #ffff00
Cyan Color ID:5 #00ffff
Magenta Color ID:6 #ff00ff
Light Green Color ID:7 #c0ffba
Light Grey Color ID:8 #c8caca
Light Brown Color ID:9 #786759
Light Orange Color ID:10 #ffb46c
Light Yellow Color ID:11 #fffa8a
Light Red Color ID:12 #ff756c
Dark Grey Color ID:13 #7b7b7b
Black Color ID:14 #3b3b3b
Brown Color ID:15 #593a2a
Dark Green Color ID:16 #224900
Dark Red Color ID:17 #812118
White Color ID:18 #ffffff
Dino Light Red Color ID:19 #ffa8a8
Dino Dark Red Color ID:20 #592b2b
Dino Light Orange Color ID:21 #ffb694
Dino Dark Orange Color ID:22 #88532f
Dino Light Yellow Color ID:23 #cacaa0
Dino Dark Yellow Color ID:24 #94946c
Dino Light Green Color ID:25 #e0ffe0
Dino Medium Green Color ID:26 #799479
Dino Dark Green Color ID:27 #224122
Dino Light Blue Color ID:28 #d9e0ff
Dino Dark Blue Color ID:29 #394263
Dino Light Purple Color ID:30 #e4d9ff
Dino Dark Purple Color ID:31 #403459
Dino Light Brown Color ID:32 #ffe0ba
Dino Medium Brown Color ID:33 #948575
Dino Dark Brown Color ID:34 #594e41
Dino Darker Grey Color ID:35 #595959
Dino Albino Color ID:36 #ffffff
BigFoot0 Color ID:37 #b79683
BigFoot4 Color ID:38 #eadad5
BigFoot5 Color ID:39 #d0a794
WolfFur Color ID:40 #c3b39f
DarkWolfFur Color ID:41 #887666
DragonBase0 Color ID:42 #a0664b
DragonBase1 Color ID:43 #cb7956
DragonFire Color ID:44 #bc4f00
DragonGreen0 Color ID:45 #79846c
DragonGreen1 Color ID:46 #909c79
DragonGreen2 Color ID:47 #a5a48b
DragonGreen3 Color ID:48 #2D4B56
WyvernPurple0 Color ID:49 #302C4F
WyvernPurple1 Color ID:50 #705E88

How To Get More Ark Color ID Codes?

There are so many ways available that can help you get more Ark color codes and also help you enjoy unlimited colorings. Different types of websites offer some of the best colors, and by visiting those websites, you can collect all of your favorite colors. Even the audience can get unlimited color codes by simply visiting the official media pages of ark color. On the other side, you can also separately search on social media platforms and collect many unlimited color options.


People looking for a bunch of new color ID codes can visit the official website of the ark color. Using your browser, you can reach the website and collect your favorite colors from there. And you can also use those colors in your favorite pictures of dinosaurs or other animals.

And anytime, you can fill the best color to all of your paintings and can get the best result of coloring. Whatever picture you have on your computer or laptop, you can give your best and favorite color at any time.

How to Use Ark Color ID Codes?

Giving colors to each one of the parts of a dinosaur or any other animal is very interesting for children or anyone. It is a relatively easy task. Instead, it is interesting and exciting. By using each one of the animal’s body parts, you can put the right color step by step. People can also give the best colorings by reading the instructions and guidance. Usually, while providing the colors to a particular animal, the animal’s body parts are divided into numerous sections.

And the children need to fill each one of the body parts with colors. They can also take advantage of this color chart, and by simply giving the codes of the color, they can quickly paint the whole creature. In the below paragraph, we are providing the step-by-step processes to use the Ark color codes.

  • First, you must select the animal or the dinosaur you want to paint.
  • After that, you need to open the console.
  • Then, in the next step, you need to set the target dino color region. After that, you need to enter the color ID. In the next move, you need to give the number in the console.
  • And ultimately, you will be able to complete the painting of your Dinosaur and play with the picture.


A complete update of the Ark Dino Color Chart is essential because you need to know which color may be a perfect fit for the coloring of animals.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why aren’t my Ark Color ID Codes working?

If you need help putting the colors correctly, you may use the wrong color code. You must be very careful about the color codes when you are playing or giving most colors to your dinosaur. You can also copy and paste the color codes to avoid problems.

How many are dino colors in Ark?

In the color range, you can find 0 to 5 layers of colors from the Ark list. It can sometimes increase its list from 0 to 6.

How many colors are in Ark?

There are altogether 25 colors in Ark.

Can I paint my dinos in Ark?

Yes, you can paint your dinosaur and do that; you need to drag your dye Inventory from your paintbrush. You can also receive three engram points after you reach level 9 entirely.