A Complete Guide to Buying Auto Garage Equipment: What You Need


Did you know that there are 128,536 general automotive repair shops in the United States? If you are opening or already own an auto shop, there are certain items you need to have to find success.

When buying auto garage equipment, you’ll need a checklist. The right equipment includes things you’ll use every day. When a customer comes in, they’ll expect certain services.

Keep reading to learn what equipment to buy.

Vehicle Lift


Every automotive garage requires a vehicle lift to perform inspections and diagnostics. The vehicle lift will raise the car to the height needed for certain services.

There are different models and capacities of the lift so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. You’ll need something of high quality to ensure the availability of different services and parts. Name brands work best.

Lifts can last many years so it’s important to think of them as an investment.

Air Compressor

A reliable air compressor can help operate various tools in an automotive garage. When buying auto garage equipment like this, you’ll need the highest capacity that you can afford.

A 60 or 120-gallon compressor will work depending on how big your shop is. A garage equipment supplier can help you with the right size to choose for your specific needs.

Vehicle Jacks

Another one of the important types of garage equipment is a vehicle jack. You’ll also want to consider jack stands and pole jacks.

A strong floor jack is often used on a regular basis. Get a high-quality jack or strong jack stands to support an elevated vehicle. Pole jacks can support axles and other components on a raised vehicle.

Check out this page on quickjacks for more information about what to buy.

Oil Drain and Oil Caddy

During the creation of an auto garage equipment budget, add enough to purchase oil drains and oil caddies. You’ll want an oil caddy if you offer services like changing oil and transmission fluid.

The oil caddy should have enough capacity to hold the largest fluid volume.

If you want to work on oil while you are working on a lifted vehicle, a standing oil caddy will be able to reach it. This makes the job of changing oil simpler and easier.

Battery Charger and Jumper

A lot of jobs that require the help of an auto garage involve problems with dead batteries or charging. Every automotive garage shop should have a working battery charger and jumper.

Because the use of a battery charger and jumper are common services, it’s best to find high-quality equipment. You’ll be able to show customers that you are a garage that they can come back to.

Buying Auto Garage Equipment the Right Way

When buying auto garage equipment, it’s important to know what you need. Small businesses and even home garages can benefit from the equipment listed in this guide.

You’ll want a vehicle lift, air compressor, vehicle jack, oil caddy, and battery charger. With these tools, you’ll be successful!

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