A Complete Biography of Derrick Jaxn


Derrick Jaxn is a very famous American personality and a very popular YouTuber. He is best known for his role as a relationship Guru. And to the advantage of his YouTube channel, he has solved a lot of relationship issues and other problems. He also at the same time shared a lot of tips about relationships and romance. Thousands of fans and followers of Derrick Jaxn every day is following his YouTube channel. In fact, recently, the audience became totally surprised when he publicly confessed he had a lot of affairs and he cheated on his wife. Moreover, the audience is also curious to know Derrick Jaxn wiki.


People who are interested to know the whole biography of Derrick Jaxn or Derrick Jaxn wiki can find out all of the details regarding his personal and professional life here in this article. Let’s start our discussion by knowing the personality in more detail.

Who is Derrick Jaxn?

In simple words, he is a very popular American YouTuber who has thousands of followers. He was born on 3rd July 1989 in Alabama, USA. As of 2022, he is 33 years old, and he holds American nationality. On the other side, he shared both African American ethnicity and Are he belongs to black racial background. When he was born, both his parents were separated, and later in time, he was raised by her mother alone. In fact, he has four elder siblings as well.


Derrick Jaxn early life

Talking about the early life of Derrick Jaxn or the Derrick Jaxn Wikipedia; we have already discussed that he was raised by her mother from his childhood days with his four elder siblings. And later in the time, he increased his popularity through his YouTube channel and by giving a lot of tips on love and relationships. In fact, he spent all of his childhood days in Alabama with his family members.

Derrick JAXN family

Similarly, talking about the family background of this famous YouTuber, Derrick Jaxn, then, it is hidden the names of his parents. The information is not available on the Internet anything regarding the names of his father and mother. Not only that, there is no information about his siblings as well. All of this information is private; therefore, we do not have any clue about this matter. The only information that is available about the family background of Derrick Jaxn is that the parents of this famous personality separated since his birth.

Derrick Jaxn education

At the same time, the fans and followers of Derrick Jaxn are also interested to know his educational qualification of him. From his childhood days, he was a very brilliant student, and he has completed his bachelor’s degree in science. He went to a very reputed College of Business and Information science. In fact, he has also talked about his education qualification through his YouTube channel. However, he does not provide any information regarding his school name. Only he has shared the information with the media that he went to the college of business and information science to take his bachelor’s degree in science. 

Derrick Jaxn height

In fact, the followers of Derrick Jaxn are also curious to know about the exact height information of him. To summarize this section Derrick Jaxn height is 6 feet and 5 inches. 

Derrick Jaxn age

Moreover, according to 2022, Derrick Jaxn age is 33. He was born in 1989. 

Derrick Jaxn career

On the other side, talking about the career of Derrick Jaxn then, he is very popular for his YouTube channel and the name relationship Guru. The YouTube channel of Derrick Jaxn often shares a lot of tips on love, romance, and relationships and how to maintain them. Moreover, he has thousands of followers on his YouTube channel, specifically saying he has more than 630k subscribers. 


Recently the rumor has been sprayed on the Internet that he has cheated on his wife by being in a relationship with another woman. In fact, he has also accepted the claim in front of the media as well. Moreover, during his college days, he was an athlete. He is also very much popular on social media platforms. Usually, the fans and followers of him often catch him through social media platforms and live chat sessions.


Apart from all of these things, you can also watch all the YouTube videos of him by simply searching the YouTube channel. The YouTube channel of this famous American YouTuber is also named Derrick Jaxn. Hence you can enjoy all of the videos whenever you want to watch them and can also collect some tips regarding romance and relationships. 

Derrick Jaxn wife

As of 2022, he is married. The name of his wife is Da’Naia Broadus. The couple has been blessed with a baby girl. In fact, of them after having a long period of relationship, they finally engaged in 2016. And in the same year, they were also blessed with their first baby. After that, in 2018, the couple finally married each other in a ceremony. Moreover, another interesting part about his wife is that she gained more than 64 pounds after the first pregnancy.


To encourage her, both of them joined a gym in January 2017 and started working out together. And initially, with time, the workout station has helped her to get rid of her depression and stress. In addition, Derrick Jaxn also had a lot of relationships in his previous life. He also proposed to one of his girlfriends, but he was badly rejected at that time. And finally, he engaged to his present wife.

Derrick Jaxn net worth 

The estimated Derrick Jaxn net worth is $1 million. Moreover, he also has some other and extra additional sources of income. The additional source of income has helped him to lead a very luxurious Lifestyle with his wife and daughter. 


Therefore this is the whole information about the celebrity Derrick Jaxn. If you are looking for the Derrick Jaxn wiki, then this particular article also helps you to get the information quickly.