9 Of the Best Gifts for Female Golfers


Have you been preparing to buy a present to get for one of the women in your life? Good for you!

Buying a gift for someone you love is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season. If you’re buying a gift for a female golfer though, it might be more difficult to figure out what to get her, right? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Below, we’re going to highlight several of the best gifts for female golfers that you’ll be able to find in our inventory of golf equipment and apparel.

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about what might be the best gift for your female golfer friend or family member this holiday.


1. Golfer Shirts

Golfer shirts are one of the best gifts to give to female golfers in your life. They are stylish and will showcase her love for the game while giving her the perfect outfit to hit the driving range or course.

Not only will she love that they are the latest trends, but the shirts are also made with durable fabrics that will stand up to the elements and of course all the swings she can take. Golf shirts for women come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and designs, so she can easily find the perfect fit for her taste and comfort.

2. Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are one of the best gifts for female golfers. Especially for beginners, the right set of golf clubs can make a huge difference in terms of learning the proper technique and enjoying the game. A good set should include an appropriate driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter.

It’s important to pay attention to the details of each club to make sure they fit the golfer’s specific needs. For example, length, shaft material, and shaft flex are all important things to consider.

3. Funny Golf Towel 

Funny golf towels are the perfect gift for women golfers! Not only do these towels make for a great gift, but they’re also practical, and helpful on the course!

These towels come in a variety of fun and humorous designs, like golf-themed cartoons or quotes, making them a great way to add a bit of fun to the game. From quick clean-ups of golf clubs and balls to drying hands after hitting a ball in the rain, or just putting a smile on someone’s face, funny golf towels are sure to be a hit.

4. Golf Shoe Bag

Golf Shoe Bags make the perfect golf gifts for a female as they provide much-needed convenience and storage options. Not only will the female golfer be able to easily tote around their golf shoes and other golfing gear, but they can also easily organize and store them in the bag.

Having a separate bag just for their golf shoes will ensure they are not damaged on the course or in the clubhouse. The bag itself can be personalized for the female golfer with her name and initials, which can make it a charming and thoughtful gift for any special occasion.

5. Stroke Counter Bracelet

The Stroke Counter Bracelet makes a perfect gift for golfers. This lightweight and stylish bracelet features a unique design that allows you to easily track your strokes during a round of golf. The Stroke Counter Bracelet conveniently stores your stroke count history, so you can track your progress over time.

The bracelet also has 8 multiple locations for tracking your score, so you can easily monitor your performance during each game. It also has a last score recall feature patented by eJoule to quickly access your last scores and save you time.

6. Golf Smartwatch

A golf smartwatch can be one of the best golfing gifts for women. It not only provides instant access to yardages as the golfer approaches each shot, but it also helps track driving accuracy and distance, fairways hit in regulation, and tracks the golfer’s score compared to the par score. This is while keeping the golfer connected with instant access to notifications, phone calls, emails, and texts.

The watch also tracks a golfer’s fitness with smart health and fitness tracking. A golfer can make sure that they are physically ready to hit the course, track their heart rate, and monitor their sleep.

7. Trench Rain Jacket

Trench Rain Jacket is one of the best gift ideas for female golfers. Not only will it protect them from rain and wind as they play, but it is also fashionable. This jacket is made from waterproof and breathable fabric, perfect for golf days out.

It features a long line and a drawstring hood, making it ideal for wearing over a golf shirt and shorts. It also boasts two slanted pockets and two sleeve zip pockets, perfect for storing tees and ball markers. The full-zip front closure makes regulating temperature easy and the side elbow panels ensure freedom of movement.

8. Finger Ten Golf Glove Rain Grip

This product is designed to provide the user with a comfortable grip, even during inclement weather. The ergonomic design of the glove ensures that it fits the unique contours of a female golfer’s hand.

The rain grip is also made with a breathable, weatherproof material, allowing for maximum comfort and breathability during your round. The synthetic leather provides lasting durability while the strategically placed silicone grip ensures the perfect grip for every shot.

9. Adidas Women TECH Response Golf Shoe

The Adidas Women’s TECH Response Golf Shoe is an excellent gift for female golfers. This top-of-the-line golf shoe provides extra cushioning and superior arch support, making long hours on the green more comfortable. The shoe is designed with a lightweight and flexible outsole, allowing you to move freely and at ease.

It also features waterproof skin, which locks in warmth and keeps you dry on those rainy golf days. The Tech Response sole technology paired with the abrasion-resistant Adiwear 6 outsole provides optimal traction for both power driving and control short-shots.

Get the Right Gifts for Female Golfers

Overall, when looking for the perfect gift for female golfers, there are plenty of great options to suit any budget. Whether buying a perfect piece of golf apparel or a luxury golf bag, consider the tastes and personality of the female golfer to make sure the purchase is sure to be appreciated. So take the time to find the perfect gift today!

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