What Causes Cancer? 9 Foods that Increase the Risk of Cancer

Hot Dog

Recently, scientists have conducted research to identify the relationship between diet and the occurrence of cancer. Their results confirmed the link between the consumption of industrially processed foods and the risk of developing cancerous tumors. According to scientists, those people who eat foods that have been highly processed are at the greatest risk.

The shopkeepers stuff the shelves of most supermarkets with this food because it seems very convenient for the buyer to eat the product right away or spend a couple of minutes on its minimal heat treatment and enjoy ready-made food.

The Negative Impact Of “Fast Food”

To make it clearer, here are the most common examples of such products that are part of everyday purchases of almost all of us. These include all kinds of baked goods, cereals, chips, and similar convenient snacks. Also includes all kinds of semi-finished products that can be prepared in 5-10 minutes, soups from packages, and carbonated drinks.

Such food is now very popular and convenient for most people who value their time or simply cannot afford to spend it on cooking. At the same time, few people think about the fact that it contains an increased amount of sugar, salt, and fats. These foods have a critically small percentage of vitamins, trace elements, and fiber.

Even before that, several years ago it was already proven that frequent use of such products increases the risk of obesity, hypertension, and high blood cholesterol levels. But this is of little concern to most consumers and the latest statistics tell us that in developed countries, where people can afford to eat 100% of purchased products, the share of harmful products in the human diet reaches 50%.

What Oncologists Don’t Eat

Probably the best way to get a person to do something useful or to stop doing something harmful is by example. Therefore, we would like to announce to you a list of foods that are not only harmful but will not be eaten by any highly qualified oncologist.

After all, knowing what this can lead to, a person will even unconsciously refuse to buy them in supermarkets and other places of their distribution.

1- Adding Hydrogenated Oils In Food

It is a food component that has been pre-processed. They are vegetable oils processed into trans fats. Many of us already know for certain that oils cause various types of cancer. Therefore, no adequate oncologist will eat food that potentially contains a component with a “slow poison” function.

2- Drinking Alcohol

We all are well aware of the fact that by drinking alcohol we expose ourselves to various types of cancers. Be it beer, liquor, wine, or cocktail, it is harmful in any form. Knowing this, an oncologist would never drink alcohol nor recommend anyone else to do so.

Oncologists recommend that a person should cure himself of this particular habit of drinking. There are many alcoholism treatment options for those who suffer from it and decide to get better. All you need is to have enough courage and contact a specialist.

3- Eating Popcorns

It contains all the same trans fats that will increase your chances of getting cancer. In addition, many believe that during microwave cooking, the non-stick bag releases harmful substances that are also dangerous from an oncological point of view.

4- Processed Smoked Meats And Hot Dogs

This product contains harmful nitrates that are added to inhibit bacterial growth and enhance color. And in general, when processing meat, to enhance its various qualities, they add a lot of harmful substances that increase the risk of oncology.

Too much salt and preservatives to maintain freshness make this food very harmful. Like processed meat, they contain dangerous sodium phosphate. More than 34 thousand people a year die from processed meat, which includes sausages.

5- Using White Flour 

It is another harmful product, which we get during the processing of useful wheat groats. With a gradual loss of all properties necessary for the body and the acquisition of harmful ones, it becomes cancerous.

6- Drinking Sweet Soda 

The main harm of this product is its use in the preparation of a sugar substitute called aspartame. It, with prolonged exposure to the human body, can cause brain cancer, leukemia, and other types of cancer. In addition, even drinking soda without a sweetener is dangerous, because cancerous tumors feed on sugar, which is abundant in flavored drinks.

7- Regular Use Of Canned And Pickled Foods 

The canning process uses substances that also increase the risk of cancer. A growing body of new research suggests that these foods can trigger stomach cancer.

8-Potato Chips And French Fries 

Acrylamide, a strong carcinogen, can enter your body while eating chips. Surprisingly, in addition to them, you can find it in tar, cigarette smoke, and glues. As a result, we can conclude that there are a lot of products that increase the chance of developing oncological complications, and it will be difficult for a modern person to refuse them.

Therefore, the main fact should be the understanding that many products that are convenient to prepare and use, to which we are so accustomed, will be able to provide momentary satiety. But in the long run, will only harm health.

9- Eating Food High In Sugar-Content

Do you think that eating sugar can only cause diabetes? However, you are wrong about it. By excessive eating of sugar-containing products, a person risks his health. It along with diabetes can lead to the generation of cancer within the body.

Summing Up

Our main recommendation will be self-control over what you eat and in what quantities. Even if you use the aforementioned unhealthy pre-processing products, then you should do it at times less often and try to keep their share in your daily diet from 5-10%. It will allow you to protect yourself from health problems due to food.


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