8 Things to Consider When Renting Portable Restrooms


Did you know that, a general guideline is to have one portable toilet required for every 50 guests for a 4-hour event?

Portable restrooms are an important asset to any business that requires a high amount of foot traffic.

Whether you’re running a seasonal or permanent establishment, there’s an expectation from consumers that their needs will be met. This means you need to be ready to serve anyone who walks through the door.

But what makes portable restrooms the best solution for these types of situations? Let’s take a look!


1. Insurance

When renting portable restrooms, it is important to consider your insurance needs. Portable restroom rentals must be insured for liability in case of damage or injury that could occur while the restroom is in use. By obtaining insurance, you can protect yourself from costly litigation and medical costs due to accidents that may happen.

Additionally, many states require that portable restroom rentals are insured, so getting this coverage is essential to doing business in many locations. Whatever your insurance needs are, be sure to shop around for the right coverage that fits your specific needs when you are renting portable restrooms. An affordable and effective insurance policy is key to protecting yourself and your business from future problems.

2. Cost 

Cost is one of the major factors to consider when renting portable restrooms. Factors such as the type of rental unit, the number of units needed, and the duration of the rental all contribute to the cost.

Depending on the number of units, the rental company may offer discounted rates or bulk discounts. It is also important to consider delivery costs, fuel costs, and any applicable taxes or fees. Be sure to research the different rental bathroom companies and their fees before making a decision.

3. Number of Units Needed

The amount of portable restrooms needed is determined by the size of the event and the number of people expected to attend. A ratio of one restroom for every 20 to 30 guests is a safe rule of thumb.

Take the time to do the math before committing to a certain number of restroom units, as failing to do so could result in overcrowding. With the right number of portable restroom units, your event or project can provide the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency for everyone!

4. Delivery Options

It can be difficult to transport and install large portable bathroom units, so it’s important to look into other delivery options. Some companies offer delivery and installation services, while others can simply deliver the unit and leave the installation to the customer.

Additionally, consider the type of terrain for the unit, as some delivery and installation services may not be suitable for certain terrain types. Alternatively, if manual transport of the unit is required, weigh the pros and cons of paying for professional help with the hassle of moving the unit yourself. Finally, make sure to look into any rental policies that may affect the delivery of the unit.

5. Maintenance and Sanitation

Regular cleaning and sanitization are essential to providing guests with a safe environment. Ensure the rental company offers maintenance and cleaning services for each restroom they rent. A good question to ask is how often they suggest these rentals should be serviced.

Maintenance should include checking the tanks and flush lines for blockages as well as monitoring the tank levels to keep them functioning efficiently. Furthermore, if using a restroom with running water make sure proper water pressure and temperature are checked frequently.

Lastly, purchase quality products such as sanitizers, fragrances, toilet tissue, and hand towels to keep the restrooms in good condition. Make sure the company you are using is in full compliance with local health regulations.

6. Where to Place the Units

When considering where to place a portable restroom, location is important. Place them in an area that is easily accessible, but still maintains an acceptable level of privacy. Factors like foot traffic and nearby buildings should also be taken into account.

Depending on the number of people using the restroom, placing it well away from doors, windows, and ventilation systems is highly recommended. Lastly, place the restroom on a flat and stable surface, such as concrete or asphalt, and that it is located in an area that is adequately lit at night.

7. Size and Type of Restroom

Portable restrooms come in various sizes and types, from small, single-stall units to large, double-stall units that can accommodate up to fifty people. If in an area with heavy foot traffic, you’ll need a larger-sized restroom. If the event is outdoors, a climate-controlled restroom may be necessary.

Other considerations include the type of plumbing used, as some are equipped with flushing toilets while others have dry-flush toilets. Some may also offer running water and handwashing sinks. Additionally, many have a hand-sanitizing station or textured flooring, which can also be beneficial.

8. Rental Duration

Depending on the type of event, it’s important to choose the appropriate amount of time for the rental period. With short-term needs, daily rental may be the best option. If the rental duration is longer than a few days, weekly or monthly rental may be the most cost-efficient solution.

It is best to overestimate the rental duration. This is to make sure that there are enough restrooms to accommodate all guests’ needs. Doing so ensures that the event host does not have to worry about any unexpected surprises or not having enough restrooms.

Key Factors in Renting Portable Restrooms 

When renting portable restrooms, consider the occasion, event type, guests, and amenities. Make sure to always ask the supplier for any special needs and for the rental contract.

Make sure to plan ahead for the best security, convenience, and hygiene. Put your best foot forward and get in touch with a local portable restroom rental service today to take care of your restroom needs!

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