7 Ways to Create an Enchanting Private Outdoor Space


Your house is not merely a place where you can sleep and keep your stuff. It is where you can also relax and retreat after a long day. Making homes feel more comfortable and inviting is a challenge especially if you are living in a tiny space or with family members or friends. If you think that creating your own little sanctuary is a far-fetched dream, here is good news: you can make that a reality. No matter how small your space is, you can create that reading or working nook, meditation corner, or passion spot. Here are some of the ideas that you can follow to make the most out of your space:

  1. Find a quiet spot.

If you are living with your family or your friends, finding a private and quiet corner may seem impossible. However, if you look around, there are corners of your home, even the tiniest ones, where very few go to. Claim this spot by starting small like adding a snug armchair and side table. You can also claim a spot by the window and simply add draping curtains to have more privacy. You can add a couch or ottoman to be used as storage.

If you are living in a house where there is a balcony or a backyard, you can simply add a chair and some curtains for shade. It will also be awesome if you can look for evergreen trees for sale in Brampton for a cooler corner. Your goal is to find a space that can give you peace and quiet while you enjoy activities that you enjoy.

  1. Customize it to fit your interest

Your “happy place” is the corner where you have things that nurture your hobbies and interests. Once you find that quiet corner in your home, prep it up to suit your happy time. Do you prefer to spend the day cuddled up with a book? Are you into arts and crafts? Do you love writing? Add the necessary furniture to make enjoying these activities easier. Also, make sure to add in some storage for safekeeping your things.

  1. Invest in proper lighting

Your private space should be near the window where you can get natural lighting. If you chose an outdoor space, you can invest in landscape lighting offered by some Oakville companies to provide you with ample light while you work while still allowing you to gaze at the stars or appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Ambient lighting adds to the coziness of the place.

  1. Decorate with the right pieces

Achieving an aesthetic and Pinterest-inspired corner doesn’t have to be too difficult. You define the personal space that you want to have so you can do whatever you want. Add the necessary cocooning furniture that makes relaxing and retreating more comfortable. Choose a couch, desk, or armchair that makes you feel at ease. Throw in some pillows, blankets, and other things as well.

  1. Fill it with memories

Some of the things that can make you feel more relaxed are those that make you remember people or anecdotes in your life. Adding some decorations or pieces that bring back good memories can make any corner more relaxing.

  1. Choose a soothing palette

A private space should relax and soothe you and the best way to do that is to avoid colours that make you feel restless. Some of the colour palettes that can ease tensions are oatmeal and khaki, blush, grey, and sage.

  1. Make trees a priority

If you live in space where growing at least one tree is possible, make sure to grab that opportunity. Trees are known to make places feel cooler. These can also filter the air so anyone who has them around can have cleaner air quality than those who don’t. A lush green environment helps the eyes, mind, and body relax as well.

You can employ the help of a tree service professional in Markham to help you choose the right species for your kind of place. If you have existing trees on the property, you can ask for their help in taking care of them so they live longer.

Having your own private space is often considered a challenge by some homeowners especially if they live in small units or share the house with others. However, with just a few things added you can create a little corner that can nurture your heart and soul and recharge you for the days to come.