7 BIG Reasons You Should Get Your Own Company Coins


Did you know that there are more than 32 million small businesses in the United States of America? One of the best ways to create a fun and tight-knit company culture is through the use of company coins. Custom company coins offer a form of motivation for employees while also making your employees feel as though they’re part of a special group.

You might wonder to yourself, “What are company coins?” Corporate coins trace their roots back to the classic military and law enforcement coins made famous in recent decades. Working with an executive coin company is a great way to make your business stand apart from the competition.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about the company coin benefits and the reasons why you need to get company coins for your employees this year. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

1. Company Coins Promote Workplace Safety


A big trend in the world of company coins these days is businesses choosing them as a way to promote workplace safety and reward employees that go above and beyond for preventing accidents. Many industries use signs around the workplace demonstrating the amount of time that has passed since the last workplace accident.

Signs around the workplace are great, but your employees deserve recognition for their efforts in keeping the workplace safe and injury-free. Corporate coins are a perfect way to show your employees that you see their hard work and you appreciate their diligence.

2. Milestone Coins

Another big reason that you should consider getting custom company coins for your business is the fact that they’re a perfect gift to celebrate milestones with the company. The most common occasion for getting corporate coins for your employees is to celebrate a big work anniversary.

You can give employees that reach the 10-year mark at your business a custom company coin that features their name and a beautiful design that relates to your business. The occasion doesn’t have to be a work anniversary either. Anything that your business places value in is something that you can give a corporate coin out for.

If you want to provide some extra motivation to your sales team you could always give out a company coin to the person with the best sales numbers at the end of the month. Other occasions that are great for a company coin are new hires, work promotions, and retirements.

3. They Make Great Business Cards

Corporate coins are also gaining popularity as a form of business card for you and your employees. You’re sure to turn the heads of all of your clients when you give them your company coins rather than a boring and traditional paper business card. Your business card will always stand out against the rest when you use your company coins in that manner.

If you’re in a battle against your competitors to secure the services of a massive business you’ll want to make sure that your business stands out for all of the right reasons. Handing over a well-made company coin with your personal and business information on it is going to blow your clients away.

4. Mission Statement Coins

Many companies also find uses for company coins when it comes to instilling values and the company’s mission statement within employees. These coins are meant to commemorate or celebrate a moment at your business. Rather, they’re designed to instill certain values that your business holds in high regard.

You can fill these corporate coins with inspirational quotes or your business’s mission statement to provide your employees with a much-needed boost. These company coins are quite versatile and you shouldn’t hesitate to get creative with their uses.

Some businesses choose to use them as a way to welcome new employees to the team. Others use them as a way to remind clients that they stand by their mission statement and the goods and services that they offer.

5. Years of Service Recognition

Most people enjoy getting recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. Company coins are a great idea if you want to reward your employees that have stood by your business for decades. These employees are the cornerstones of your business operations and they’re a huge part of why the company continues growing and thriving.

By choosing to give your employees company coins for their years of service, you’re choosing to show these people that they’re seen and heard. They’re sure to feel appreciated for the hard work that they’ve invested into the business. You can click here to explore other effective ways of using corporate coins.

6. Project Company Coins

If your business takes part in a big and important project then there is no better way to commemorate those efforts than with corporate coins. Any time that your business comes together to take care of a large and important project you should consider getting custom company coins as a way of celebrating the collective success.

These custom company coins are among the most fun to design because you can get creative with all of the design elements. It will result in a unique coin that your employees will be proud to own.

7. Merger Company Coins

Mergers are part of the business world, but one thing that you can do to get everyone on the same page in quick succession is handing out new corporate coins. Mergers are cataclysmic events that can get hard to work through. Your custom company coins are a sure way to remind everyone at your business that they’re all in this situation together.

Invest in Company Coins Today

Company coins are a versatile asset to have as a business owner because they allow you to show appreciation for your best and most loyal employees. You can also use custom company coins to commemorate the completion of a long and difficult project or as a way to welcome your new hires to the team. You’re sure to love the company coin benefits as will your employees.

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