7 Advantages of Using an Integrated CRM System


Customer relationship management is the key to any organization’s success. CRM software can provide many benefits to your business. It can manage everything from customer satisfaction to an increase in productivity.

CRM software has become a necessary tool for all kinds of businesses. It can centralize your organization by managing your regular tasks. These tasks include contacting new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. CRM software can handle your customers and work like contact center software.

It is a technology tool that helps customers to solve their problems. Contact center software is similar to how CRM helps businesses grow. CRM is used to keep track of customer interaction. Contact center software enables businesses to send and receive custom messages.

Customers can solve their problems through two-way, keyword-driven communication. It decreases the customers’ waiting time. CRM uses customer databases to improve customer experience. It improves sales management and you can combine it with other tools to make it more valuable for your business.


CRM software is one of the fastest-growing industries and is expected to reach $80 Billion in revenues in 2025.

Compared to companies that do not use these solutions, only 22% meet or exceed their sales quotas. Most companies hire CRM software to improve customer care and automated engagement.

It keeps a record of all the customer data like buy records and sales interactions. It optimizes your marketing processes and increases productivity. It is a group of tools, features, and technology that helps you understand your customers.

Here are some benefits of using CRM software in your business.

1. Automated Sales and Marketing

Sales automation is mechanizing manual sales-related tasks with AI tools. On the other hand, automated marketing is the process of using software to create customer-friendly marketing messages.

By doing automated sales and marketing, you can enhance the customer experience. It’s because you watch every step of the customer’s journey and design your services accordingly.

Your sales and marketing teams should be in contact with each other. Although it’s difficult to manage these tasks, CRM integration makes it easy to track sales and marketing activities.  The tasks automated by CRM software are data syncing, email managing, calls scheduling, etc.

When all these tasks are automated, the manual load decreases. Hence, the team gets more time to understand the demand of customers. Furthermore, it saves your time and determines your leads. It can help you personalize a website and update the salespersons about the products.

2. Increased Productivity

Your team spends a lot of time switching between various tools of the company. CRM integration can help your team members get every tool under one software. They can manage sales, marketing, and customer service at the same place.

It saves a lot of time, and your team members can spend it on something better. Moreover, it ensures that every team member has quick access to all the necessary information. They can give quick responses to the customers with all the information.

You can integrate this CRM software into your email system to enhance your company’s response rate. It’s because you will not need to add the contact by hand. You can transfer all the contacts through your email.

3. Better Opportunities to Grow Your Business

CRM integration lets you see when the prospect is ready to buy your services. Once you know about the prospect’s interests, you can engage in upselling with them at the right time.

Knowing the right sales time is very crucial for the success of your business. It’s because if your representatives promote your services in the first or second call, the customer thinks you are eager to sell products.

When you do this, the customers don’t feel comfortable as their queries aren’t resolved yet. That’s why it is suggested to engage with customers when they need it and you will get more growth opportunities. One satisfied customer can bring you more customers. So, don’t hurry and wait for their questions patiently.

4. Better Security

One of the most beneficial features of CRM software is data security. It provides better security in many ways. You can access many security applications depending on your type of integration. It will prevent unauthorized access to your data. Integrations usually use APIs to access the data.

This access allows the transfer of data without storing it anywhere. It will reduce the risk of any threat to your data. It will restrict the users from approaching certain confidential pages, fields, and forms.

5. Improved Reporting

You should integrate your CRM software with email and other communication tools. You can keep track of customers’ concerns and track your team’s performance. It also enables you to see how the customers are responding to your products and services.

CRM software improves your reporting capabilities. It can help you calculate lead conversion rates. You can check the performance of your recent marketing activities. You can see the change in customer retention rates as a result of any activity.

Improved reporting will help you identify the mistakes. As a result, you can train the representatives to enhance their performance. This will be beneficial to your business in the long run.

6. Consistency in Sales

Your sales team feels motivated and performs well when the sales are consistent. If you do not contact a customer for a long time, they will not think about your company when they want a product.

CRM integration gives a schedule to every representative, so they are in contact with every customer through various modes of communication. This way, you can inform your customers about new products, services, and offers.

7. Better Customer Experience

It is very frustrating for a customer to talk to a salesperson who does not remember their previous conversation. They have to explain the same thing again and again. It can leave an impression that you were not listening to them in the first place. If the customer doesn’t feel heard, it may have serious consequences. It may leave a negative impact on your business.

CRM software also provides the services of contact center software. It appoints professional and trained agents that deal with your customers. It keeps a record of all previous conversations. A salesperson can access this information to better help customers.

Every team member can see what happened in the previous conversation. They can adjust their approach to the customer accordingly to give them a more seamless experience. As a result, the customers get a better and quick response.

This communicates that you care and try your best to take care of their needs. As a result, they just might become permanent clients and refer their friends to you.

Final Takeaway

CRM integrated software helps your business flourish by providing marketing and sales automation. Furthermore, it allows you to shape your services according to your customer’s needs by recording their interests.

Your sales become more consistent and over time, they will gradually increase. The CRM-integrated software enables you to track your team’s overall performance and their interaction with the customers. We hope this article provides detailed insight into the different advantages of using an integrated CRM system.