Tired Of The Norm? Here Are 6 Ways To Have An Alternative Wedding Celebration


There’s nothing more exhilarating than a wedding. The excitement, the pomp, and circumstance, the beautiful traditions centuries old.

What if you want something different? What if you want to mix things up? What if you don’t want a formal banquet hall with caterers and waiters that ask, “shrimp or salmon?”

What follows is a list of ways to make your day more unique, whether it’s going outside the box with your reception fare or wearing a color other than white without apology.

Why is a Wedding Day the Most Important Day of a Person’s Life?

Yes, you’re right. It is the most important day. That being said, many people still feel they have to follow the same old traditions when it comes to weddings.


Celebrations are social events, and at a wedding, everyone’s invited to be there, right? There is a list of expectations, but it doesn’t mean you need to stick to them.

Different Types of Weddings

There are many different types of weddings that are either unique or unconventional. From beach weddings to Pagan Handfastings, celebrating your way will make your day more special.

Here are a few unique ideas for you.

Ditch The Sit-Down Meal

Those sit-down wedding meals usually taste like school dinners and they’re expensive anyway. Why bother?

Grab yourself a nice juicy hog roast or do a barbecue on the beach. You could even decide to go full-on vegan for your wedding buffet or do food from around the world instead!

Go Glamping For Your Wedding Night

Glamping is a combination of camping and glamour. It just sounds so lovely and dreamy. If there’s one thing that can be said to many people, it’s that they’d want to sleep in a tent with their loved one at their wedding.

So why not make it happen? A lot of the glamping options are out there now, from yurts to cabins, enjoy your night together.

Go Vegan For Your Wedding

Veganism is the new thing, especially amongst Millennials. They prefer being kind to the Earth, and it just makes sense. The cruelty-free option is not only eco-friendly but also tasty. You can still have a spread of cheese and meats for your fussy guests.

The only thing you’ll miss about your wedding day food is that delicious tiramisu! Go vegan for a day or two, you won’t regret it!

Hold The Ceremony Somewhere Different

From forests to roller coasters, there’s no shortage of unforgettable venues to hold your ceremony.

Iconic buildings and beautiful national parks, all make for great photos but think outside the box for this one.

Take A Honeymoon With Your Pets

OK, this one may actually be a bit of a nightmare to organize, but it sounds adorable.

You can go traveling together or go on a tour around the country, this would be ideal for a dog-loving couple.