6 Simple Ways to Reduce Screen Time


Too much screen time can damage your well-being. Not only can it cause eye strain, but if you spend all your time online, your mental health could suffer too. For this reason, it’s important to reduce your screen time as much as possible, especially if you have a job in front of a computer. Here are six simple ways to do so:

1: Read More Books

If you are in the habit of picking up your phone whenever you feel a hint of boredom, try picking up a book instead. Books provide great entertainment without the need for a screen, and there’s a genre for everyone. Whether you like sports, romance, science, or poetry, there are tons of books out there for you to try. Plus, if you join your local library, you can read for free! To make sure you don’t strain your eyes from reading, too, find some reading glasses from Just-glasses.co.uk.

2: Put the Phone in the Other Room


Endless scrolling through social media can be damaging, so if you are guilty of this, try putting your phone in another room when relaxing at home. During this time, you can get other things done, such as cleaning the house, taking a bath, or spending time with your family. Don’t worry – your messages will still be there when your phone break is over.

3: Take Lots of Breaks at Work

There’s not much you can do when working in front of a computer, but you can take plenty of breaks to make sure your eyes don’t get too strained. You don’t want to go home with a headache, after all! Stretching your legs and getting a breath of fresh air every couple of hours will help give your eyes and brain the break they need. You’ll feel much more refreshed when you sit back down at your desk!

4: Delete the Useless Apps

There are plenty of useful and fun apps out there, but if you find yourself spending too long on useless ones that don’t improve your life in any way, delete them. It might be hard at first, but you’ll find you barely miss them after a while.

5: Meet People in Real Life

Video calling is a great alternative to meeting in person when you can’t, but it shouldn’t be relied on. Not only does it increase your screen time, but you don’t get the same connection as you do when seeing people face to face. So, the next time you’re scheduling a chat with your mate or a meeting with a client, plan to meet up for it rather than taking the easy route.

6: Get Outside More

The outdoors is the perfect escape from screen time. After all, who wants to sit on their phone when faced with a beautiful sunset or a beautifully kept park? Get into the habit of going outside more throughout the day, and you’ll find that your hours of screen time drop.

In this day and age, reducing screen time can be challenging, but these six tips will help you manage it.