6 Common Mistakes for Live Streamers and How to Avoid Them


It’s the launch day for your new streaming channel. You’ve been working on perfecting your content for months and are super excited to start putting everything out there for your audience to see.

But before you start broadcasting your first show, you must think about how to avoid mistakes that can make or break your channel. Read on for the most common mistakes for live streamers to avoid during your first broadcast.

Let’s get you started!

1. Poor Internet Connection


A poor internet connection can have an impact on your stream quality, even if you have the best equipment. To avoid this, it is important to monitor your network for any dropouts or slowdowns. You should also check the strength of your internet connection, as it can vary from device to device.

2. Inadequate Audio Quality

Live event streaming offers viewers a chance to connect and their favorite content creators in real time. However, a lack of adequate audio quality can have a major impact on a streamer’s success.

To avoid these mistakes and ensure the best audio quality, it is important to invest in quality, professional-grade equipment that matches your streaming needs. Additionally, practitioners should be sure to properly set up all of their audio equipment, including EQ and noise cancellation options, before streaming.

3. Lack of Interaction With Viewers

Lack of interaction with viewers is one of the most common errors for streamers. It’s important to spend time communicating with viewers, making them feel welcome and like an active part of your stream. This encourages viewers to stay longer, increases feelings of community, and supports its growth.

As a live streamer, you should make an effort to thank your viewers for tuning in and responding to their questions and comments. You should also try to include interactive segments, such as online trivia nights or even giveaways.

4. Neglecting Lighting and Framing

Good lighting is immensely important and can easily be overlooked. Make sure to pay attention to both natural lighting and artificial sources. During the day, streaming near a window can be beneficial for natural light, while in the evening, LED or fluorescent lights can help to achieve a better effect.

5. Overlooking Pre-Stream Preparation

To get the best experience possible during your stream it’s critical to take the time and do some preliminary work. This can include setting up your stream with the right live stream equipment, testing, and troubleshooting sound and video, ensuring audio levels are properly adjusted, and creating well-executed graphics and visuals.

It can also be beneficial to create a checklist of every step you plan to take to have an efficient stream. Taking the time to double-check that all your settings are right and that all the tools you need are ready to go will ensure your stream runs smoothly and is enjoyable for your viewers.

6. Ignoring Promotion and Scheduling

This means failing to set up a consistent streaming schedule or neglecting to advertise it in any meaningful way. Not promoting live streams and scheduling can be incredibly detrimental to the success of any streaming channel. To avoid this error, streamers should promote on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram and find ways to engage with viewers.

Avoid These Mistakes for Live Streamers

Live streaming is an art form that can be mastered with practice. It’s important to acknowledge common mistakes for live streamers and learn from them.

Avoiding common mistakes is key to becoming a successful and professional streamer. Invest time into researching, planning, and testing before officially going live.