6 Common Errors in Hiring Pool Contractors and How to Avoid Them


The average American family uses more than 300 gallons of daily water at home. That’s as much as residential and commercial farms use every 24 hours.

More homeowners will be undertaking home improvement projects. However, if you plan to hire a contractor, read this list of common errors in hiring pool contractors.

You want to make sure you choose someone qualified, affordable, and seems trustworthy. You can also reference review sites to learn what to watch out for.

Let’s explore the common mistakes companies make and how to sidestep them.


1. You Choose a Builder Based Solely on the Price

Price is an extremely important factor when hiring a pool contractor. However, you should never choose a builder solely based on price. It’s important to remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best for a job that needs to be completed to industry standards.

To avoid these pitfalls, research and compare contractors to assess their pool building experience, review their portfolio, try reading online reviews, and make sure to ask important questions and gain answers to your concerns.

2. Not Checking Credentials and References

Checking credentials such as licenses, certificates, and insurance coverage should ensure that the contractor is not only qualified to do the job but also legally qualified.

To avoid this mistake, ensure that the contractor has provided you with the appropriate credentials and references and contact them to confirm that they are in good standing.

3. Failed to Ask About the Construction Process and Timeline

One of the most common errors when hiring pool contractors is neglecting to ask about the construction process and timeline. Knowing the timeline can lead to a project being completed or taking longer than expected. To avoid this mistake, contractors should always review the construction process and timeline with pool contractors and ask any questions that may arise.

4. Failed to Ask About Warranties

Swimming pool contractors may offer warranties for certain features, product parts, or swimming pool installation services.  Ask the contractor how long the warranty is valid, if there is a fee to extend it, and what is covered are simple questions that can help you save time and money in the future.

5. Not Getting a Written Contract

Without an agreement in writing, the contractor may end up charging a higher rate or may not be held accountable for work that is not completed up to standards.  To avoid this,  get everything in writing. Make sure you are getting precisely what you are paying for.

6. Skimping on Insurance and Licensing Requirements

Poorly insured or unlicensed contractors can cause issues ranging from safety to economic liability. For the best protection, a contractor should have general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and specialty insurance related to pool construction.

Licensing requirements vary by state. Typically, they require a contractor to hold a business license and a license to perform construction work in the municipality or state where the worksite is located.

Avoid These Errors in Hiring Pool Contractors

Hiring a pool contractor can be complicated, but common errors in hiring pool contractors don’t mean they should be avoided. Get started on your list of potentials today to ensure a stress-free pool contracting experience.