5 Ways to Prevent Work Stress from Affecting Your Health


Stress is an all-encompassing problem – overexposure to it can lead to other physical and mental health issues including lack of sleep, weight gain, and migraines. The following five pieces of advice will help steer you away from stress or, if stress is unavoidable in your workplace, will show you how best to deal with it before it gets out of hand.

1. Suitable Eye Care

It is not just mental and emotional strain that can cause stress, but physical strain too. Perhaps the most pressing example of this is how long hours in front of a computer or under bright lights can affect your eyes, particularly if you have an existing eye condition.

Taking regular breaks away from the screen will help reduce this stress – focus on objects further away in distance now and then to rebalance your eyes. For glasses or contact lens wearers, this is an even bigger issue so, if in a position to do so, looking at eye treatments like laser eye surgery would be beneficial. Look for specialists in your area – for instance, finding LASIK costs Harrisburg would help those living with eye problems in Pennsylvania.


2. Ergonomic Office

Once your eye strain has been taken care of, it’s time to consider the rest of your body. Finding a chair that supports your spine and brings your eye level up to the same as your computer monitor, having a keyboard and mouse that fit your hands, and treating yourself to some office plants or oil diffusers are all fantastic ways of making your workplace fit your body’s needs.

If your body is comfortable and stress-free, your mind will hopefully soon follow.

3. Speak About It

If stress is getting to you, the best way to prevent it from taking its toll on your health is to speak to somebody about it.

Getting your thoughts off your chest will bring you instant relief,and confiding in a friend or colleague will strengthen the relationship between you and make you feel supported. If you feel you can, speaking to your manager will also be advantageous as they may be able to alter the way you work to stop you from becoming overwhelmed.

4. Take a Break

There are several reasons why workers take a break from employment – it could be a change in living circumstances, to pursue a new career, or to look after a child. It is not out of the question that some time away from the workplace would benefit you if you are feeling stress is starting to affect your health – speak to your employer about your options, take a little while for yourself, prepare yourself for your return, and see how your mental state has improved.

5. Know Your Body

Finally, listen to your body. This piece of advice combines the previous four into one, succinct piece of stress relief as when you get to know your body and start listening to its needs then the jigsaw starts to fall into place.

If you need rest, then rest. If you are in pain, speak about it and change your environment to a more comfortable one. The best dentist in Rockefeller Center also highly recommends that you seek professional help if you’re experiencing pain, whether physically or mentally.