5 Ways To Help Maintain Your Garage Doors


Each year, emergency rooms across the U.S. see approximately 20,000 injuries caused by garage doors. Luckily, there are simple ways to prevent these accidents.

If you want to make sure your garage door is safe and lasts for many years then you need to maintain it.

Start by reviewing this list of to-dos for all garage doors.

1. Inspect Hardware Tightness


A garage door may be used almost every day, sometimes twice or more. And even if you only open your garage to get out the lawn mover once a week or holiday decorations once a year, the hardware could shift.

Be sure to inspect the screws and nuts on all parts of your garage door to make sure they aren’t loose. This is a simple practice that could save you from having a piece fall off or shorten the lifespan of the door.

2. Lubricate Moving Elements

Maintaining your garage also includes making sure things aren’t too tight. You can help moving parts function properly by lubricating them.

Spray garage door lubricant on the tracks, hinges, and springs to keep them running smoothly. Doing this task every few weeks helps prevent wear and tear while also keeping the noise of your garage door to a minimum.

3. Check for Balance

An unbalanced door may not seem like it’s a cause for concern. However, if any part of the door malfunctions then an unbalanced door cannot hold itself in place. This may cause an accident or break your door completely.

Checking the balance of your garage door is an easy preventative solution. To perform this task, turn off the automatic opener by pulling down the release handle, then manually open your door partially. If your door is unbalanced, then one side will be higher than the other and will not hold steadily.

To fix the imbalance, adjust the springs on the faulty side.

4. Test the Auto-Reverse Safety Feature 

When it comes to home maintenance, testing the auto-reverse feature is the most important. This safety function is what stops your door if an object is in the way when closing it, which can prevent serious injury.

Test that it’s working by putting an item under the door and then trying to close it. If the door retracts without hitting it, then you know the feature is working.

5. Replace Broken Parts

The best way to keep your garage door working like new is to replace broken parts. Doing this without delay will prevent your garage door from complete disrepair.

Some minor home repairs you can handle yourself, however, large garage door repairs should be done by a professional to ensure they are installed correctly. Either way, inspecting the door regularly or upon suspicion will help you fix a problem before it becomes a safety concern.

Get Help With Garage Doors

If you aren’t sure how to maintain your garage doors you don’t have to worry. Many garage door repair companies exist and often the one that installed your door will also be available for repairs.

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