5 Tips for Up-and-Coming Comedians Securing Gigs in Manchester


Even though the state of comedy has changed drastically in recent years, there will always be a market for fresh-faced stand-up comedians. However, instead of browsing local papers for venues in Manchester seeking acts, you’ll need to deploy modern tactics to secure gigs.

Approach Tried and Tested Venues

Manchester has a reputation for having some of the best comedy venues in the business, so you’re in luck. At the top of the list by far is Beat the Frog at the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club, which is a weekly open mic night where artists are given five minutes to impress the audience or get buzzed off. Alternatively, you can explore Comedy Balloon, which has been hosting a free open-mic night longer than anywhere in the city.

Hop on Social Media

You need more than a quality set of laughs to build an audience in 2023; you have to have a strong online presence. Research your market discover where your audience “hangs out” online, and then create a profile on that social media platform. However, must remember that every post or comment you make will be associated with you forever, so try not to offend anyone.

Hire a Photographer

Instead of creating digital content and flyers with grainy photos taken on a smartphone, attract attention with professional portrait photography Manchester. When people see your pictures and they look fantastic, it suggests that your performance is decent.


A great place to find a creative portrait photography expert is through social media. After all, most photographers like Lucy Ridges, who specializes in comedy portraits Manchester, are trying to secure gigs just like you. Before you decide on a photographer, make sure you explore portfolios for other comedian portraits Manchester.

Start Networking with Other Artists

The best comedians spread their brand of humor everywhere, whether they’re performing to a small audience or communicating with other artists. By spreading laughter and information amongst your peers, you’re more likely to gain leads for new opportunities.

Get Invited Back

After breaking out of the open-mic scene and getting your first proper gig, make sure you leave them thirsty for more. Firstly, you have to be funny during your act, but you also need to carry yourself with professionalism. For example, if your slot is only ten minutes, don’t overstay your welcome. When you are on stage, take the opportunity to snap a few shots for your socials and website.

Keep Creating New Material

When you’re asked back to a venue, it can be tempting to overhaul the entire show in favor of new content. However, this runs the risk of putting on a poor show and not being asked back again. Don’t be afraid to repeat material, but work in new jokes for a varied set of laughs.

Entering the comedy circuit and breaking through the saturation can be challenging. However, if you can dominate open mic nights, network and flush your socials with high-quality content, you’ll be on the road to securing more gigs in no time.