5 Tips for Hiring a Local Pest Control Company


Did you know there are 27,000 different types of insects in the UK and 18,000 in North America? Wherever you live, there is a creepy crawly critter just waiting to sneak its way into your household and take advantage of your warmth, crumbs, and shelter.

Who will you call when that happens?

You’ll want to have a local pest control company on speed dial at the first signs of insects, critters, rodents, or other pests. We recommend choosing a company long before you need one. That way, you won’t have to spend any time cohabitating with a creature!

We’ve created this brief guide to help you choose the right company for you. Read on to discover five tips for choosing a pest control company in your community.


1. Check References

A quality pest control company will have years of experience under its belt. Start by asking your neighbors about their experience with local pest control services. Often, a name will come to the forefront—it’s common for the same community to use one competent pest control company for years!

In a newer area, however, you may have to look to the internet for honest reviews of the local businesses. Remember that people are more likely to leave reviews after an emotional experience. Look for consistency amongst reviews, not extremes, which will help you determine your priorities.

2. Ask About Rates

Pest control is a regular part of home maintenance, much like cutting the lawn or replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms. When hiring pest control professionals, ensure their rates are fair, affordable, and sustainable. You cannot reap the benefits of regular visits if you can’t afford them.

With that said, be wary of any company with prices that seem too good to be true. Those pest control companies may use inefficient pesticides, similar to what you could buy in the store on your own. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for!

3. See If They Guarantee Quality

Ideally, you’ll seek pest control services for regular spraying and inspections. In the event of an infestation or problem, however, you want to ensure that your chosen company will finish the job. You may want to make haste to solve your problem, but ensure you choose a company willing to guarantee their services.

Why? Foremost, a guarantee indicates confidence, which denotes experience and knowledge. Second, it ensures you won’t be stuck with creepy critters if a problem turns out bigger than anticipated.

4. Ask About Products

Your pest control specialist will be in your home briefly, but you and your family need to live there long-term. Ask about the products your specialist will use, especially if you have pets or small children. They can have a major impact on your living environment.

You may have to do some online research to determine if a company’s products are safe. You can also ask your pest control service about potential cruelty-free products, especially in the event of rodents.

5. Look Into Licensing and Experience

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—ensure that any company you invite into your home has a license and insurance. You should always ask about how long they’ve been in business. Experience and professionalism go a long way toward a positive experience.

Hiring a Local Pest Control Company

You deserve total control over who comes into and out of your home. That includes pests and the companies who eliminate them! If you follow the tips above, you should have no trouble hiring a local pest control company to take care of your pesky problem.

Eliminating pests is one way to keep your home feeling safe and secure. Have you looked into other ways to improve your space? Browse the rest of the blog for more home improvement posts like this one.