5 Stunning and Surprisingly Useful Office Wall Design Trends


Are you looking to be a trendsetter in the world of office wall design?

Being in an office every day can be a bit of a drag, so why not make it at least a little exciting? If you want, you can revitalize the space to make employees feel a little more comfortable and enthusiastic.

Read on to discover some amazing office wall design trends to help you revitalize your company walls.

1. Choose Simplicity

A simple, single wall color with a feature or accent wall to pull the office together is all you need. Create a harmonious atmosphere and let blue-toned furniture be a focal point.


This play of opposites will stimulate creativity but still maintain a relaxed atmosphere. If a pattern is desired, opt for one that uses a subtle and uncomplicated motif and think of it as more of a simple backdrop to your office design.

Finally, use unique window treatments to subtly accentuate larger window views while helping to control the natural light entering the room.

2. Use A Visually Pleasing Color Palette for the Walls

Using a visually pleasing color palette on the walls is one design trend to consider. A tranquil blue or green will create a calming environment.

Bold, stimulating colors such as vibrant yellows and oranges will foster collaboration, conversation, and energy. Neutral tones help set a proper working environment that promotes focus and concentration.

Colors can also be blether, strategically placed in blocks, or arranged in stripes to create eye-catching patterns that capture attention. Unique patterns and textures can help add depth and visual interest to the walls.

3. Understand the Benefits of Having Greenery in the Office

Greenery acts as an air purifier. They remove toxins and increase oxygen levels in the air.

This can reduce stress, boost mood and even increase production. You can add natural beauty to your office view with a vertical garden, an interior wall in a meeting space, or even an expansive green wall.

Introducing greenery also helps to keep areas cool, reduce sound levels and absorb light, making it more soothing for workers. They also act as an effective decor choice in large open spaces and can help to improve the physical and psychological well-being of any office environment.

4. Use Wall Protection from Chairs

While many don’t consider the importance of protection from chairs and other pieces of furniture, it’s an essential part of any office.

Wall protection from chairs can come in the form of wallpaper or full wall covers. This can make it easy to coordinate with other wall designs.

Installing metal trim around the edge of the chair wheels can reduce wear and tear while also adding a visual flair, allowing the chair to fit in with the overall design.

Finally, a chair rail is an attractive yet practical way of protecting walls from chair collisions and marks.

5. Incorporate Display Walls

Display walls can make a huge impact on client presentations and inspire collaboration. It can be used to showcase awards and special accomplishments or add some personality to the office.

By showing off accomplishments, clients and employees can be reminded of the company’s vision and success, inspiring creativity and motivation.

Ideas for Office Wall Design

Today’s office wall designs are not just stunning but also surprisingly useful. When you consider the tips on designs, the possibilities are endless. Try out some of these design trends today and see what a difference they can make!

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