5 Signs Your Yard Has a Mole Problem


Do you notice small piles of dirt in unusual places when you mow your lawn? Is it too late at night to find rocks and pebbles in your driveway and yard? Do you have holes crisscrossing your property?

These are signs that you have a mole problem.

You’ve checked for gophers. You’ve studied for voles. But neither of these culprits leaves a trail of mounds like moles.

Moles in the yard are annoying, but these creatures are also worth keeping around. Read along to learn more!


1. Small Divots or Tracks

These small divots and tracks are because of the animal tunneling underground. The moles will push up dirt, resulting in small raised mounds and volcano-shaped piles of soil.

You may notice several of these signs in various locations throughout your yard. The soil will appear loose and lumpy as the animals constantly surface from underground caves.

2. Obvious Tunnels

Moles create a complex network of tunnels to help them find food. Not only can the tunnels affect the growth of plants, but they can also cause root damage and disruption of the natural layout of the yard. Their presence is evident because of their large mounds of soil.

Sometimes, the tunnels can also take the shape of shrinking and expanding circles close to the surface. To prevent this problem, start the search for mole exterminators or pest control.

3. Mole Droppings

It resembles small, dark dots that look similar to a rabbit’s pellets but are much smaller in size. These droppings are from the soil, insects, and grubs that moles consume while they’re searching for their food to eat. When you see these droppings, moles eat away at your yard and tunnel your yard for food.

4. Chewed or Uprooted Plants

Moles burrow underground, and sometimes their tunnels can cause their gardens to collapse, damaging plants. They also feed on worms, grubs, and other insects, which causes the ground to loosen. As a result, the roots of plants can be easily uprooted, leading to wilting or even dying.

If you see chewed plants in your yard, you can be sure that moles are the culprit. You’ll have to set traps or use a repellent to stop the problem.

5. Damaged Equipment

When moles are burrowed through the soil, they may damage underground equipment such as sprinkler systems, septic tanks, and electrical lines, which can be costly. Alternatively, you may find that the grass in your lawn is raised, or there are areas of your garden that are sunken down.

It can be another sign that a mole is burrowing through the ground and affecting the landscape of your yard. Pay attention to the conditions of the environment and the presence of any damaged equipment so that you can spot a mole infestation early on and take steps to address it.

Resolve All Your Mole Problem Today

Mole problems can be challenging to detect and may require lawn mowing and raking to discover. If you suspect you have moles, contact a local lawn care provider for assistance and professional advice. Please don’t ignore the signs and allow moles to ruin your lawn. Get it under control today!