5 Signs of a Damaged Tree in Your Yard


Trees are among the most versatile landscapes in residential spaces. Think of a home without a tree in its yard.

They can provide a lot of benefits, from shade and climate control to aesthetic value and improved air quality. But the only thing that you need is a damaged tree in your yard, not just to spoil such benefits but to become hazardous to your home, too.

So how can you tell if your tree is damaged and how can you address it as soon as possible? Here are two alarming signs of a damaged tree you should be aware of.

1. Its No Longer Growing Leaves


One of the most basic signs of a damaged tree in your yard is if it is no longer growing leaves. Without leaves, the tree will not be able to produce food and energy, eventually leading to a dehydrated and weakened tree. This can be observed with leaves that fall off prematurely or if the growth rate has slowed significantly.

2. It’s Randomly Dropping Branches

Signs of a damaged tree in your yard can include randomly dropping branches. This can be an indication of a tree in distress. Dropping branches may indicate an inability of the tree to produce new growth, decay within the tree, or an unstable root system.

These branches often exhibit discoloration or spots, as well as browning on the tips or sides of the branch. The bark may also become discolored or furrowed from decay.

3. It’s Too Close to a Structure

If the tree trunk is leaning, rather than growing straight, this could be due to the roots being too close to structures or other hard surfaces. If the trunk is cracked or has a large hole in it, this can be another indication that the tree is under stress and not receiving enough root space and tree care.

4. It Has New Sprouts Near the Base of the Trunk

One of the signs of a damaged tree in your yard is new sprouts erupting from the base of its trunk. The new sprouts usually emerge from their roots, forming a network of shoots with small leaves around the dying trunk. If left untreated, these new growths will eventually compete with the tree for water and nutrients, compromising its health even further.

5. It Has Fungus 

A damaged tree in your yard can pose a danger to the public and should be for emergency tree removal. Areas near the trunk of the tree where the bark is missing and deep gouges in the bark can be signs of decay and fungal activity that can make the tree more likely to fall. If limbs look like they are sagging or are in what looks like an unnatural position, it could also indicate a weakened tree and possible danger to the public.

Identifying a Damaged Tree

Overall, trees are a vital part of the beauty and health of your yard. Nevertheless, it’s important to check for signs of damage like brown leaves, dead branches, and shallow roots, and address whatever issues are present before they worsen. If you have a damaged tree, contact a local arborist for professional advice and services.