5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Plumber


Is there a plumbing issue that needs to resolve? You don’t have the skills or tools to do it yourself, and you don’t want to end up with a bigger problem on your hands.

Instead, you should think about hiring a plumber. If you don’t, you could end up spending a lot more money in the long run, even if you resolve the immediate issue.

Before you do so, though, consider these questions before you hire a plumber below. These will help you create your plumbing service appointment.

1. What Qualifications and Certifications Do You Have?


It is important to hire a plumber who’s licensed and certified. The plumber should have a valid license from the state or local government, and it should also be up to date. Also, ask the plumber to provide proof of any certifications they have obtained and any scholarships they may have earned as part of their professional development and training.

2. Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Work?

A warranty covers parts and labor and can help protect homeowners in case something goes wrong with the plumbing repair in the future. Asking a plumber what type of warranty they offer can help to ensure that homeowners are investing in high-quality plumbing services that will protect them if something goes wrong. A warranty can also help to provide assurance to homeowners that the plumber is confident in the quality of their work and is providing the best services that they can.

3. What Services Do You Offer?

Before you hire a plumber, it is important to ask what services they offer. Some home plumbers may specialize in specific installations, such as taking care of a boiler or dealing with the disposal of wastewater.

Other plumbers may offer a wider variety of services, such as fixing leaks, repairing or replacing bathtubs and showers, installing new plumbing fixtures, and dealing with blockages. Knowing what services the plumber offers can help ensure you hire the right professional for your needs.

4. What is Your Method of Pricing?

Most plumbers charge an hourly rate plus the cost of any parts and materials used to complete the job. Ask the plumber to provide a detailed quote that outlines all fees and the estimated amount of time it will take to complete the job.  It may be helpful to compare quotes from multiple plumbers to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

5. Do You Offer Emergency Services?

Emergency services are an important option to have whenever plumbing problems arise, and the plumber should be available 24/7. It’s important to ask what forms an emergency and if they are willing to come out to your house and make repairs as soon as possible, instead of making appointment weeks away.

Knowing how they handle emergency services can give insight into their availability, response, and repair capabilities. You should also find out if they offer off-hour and weekend services because you want to make sure your plumbing is always taken care of, no matter when the problem arises.

Clarifying Your Needs Before You Hire a Plumber

Finding a qualified and reliable plumber is an important step in any home improvement project. Taking the time to do your research and ask a few smart questions first will ensure you end up with a positive experience.

Be sure to check out reviews and compare rates to get the best value.  Act now and make sure that you hire a plumber that meets your needs.

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