5 Myths Related to Your Heart Health Dispelled


Do we even need to start on the importance of your heart? An organ that is responsible for the proper blood supply in your body is your heart. It goes without saying that you have to take good care of your heart. According to the best cardiologist in Lahore, heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.

There are many reasons for this. From the poor focus on heart health to the misconceptions that surround us, setting the facts straight is the only saving grace. So today we will be debunking these myths.

Myths and Common Misconceptions Related to Heart Diseases

There are several myths that are the common word of the street, so let us dispel them together.


Myth 1; The major symptom of a heart attack is chest pain

People are hardly aware that there is something wrong with their bodies. This absence of knowledge is sure to bring major discomfort. Mostly they get a grasp of the situation when there is no way out. Heart attack can come in all shapes and sizes.

Heart, because it lacks the major pain receptors, often tends to send pain to other regions of the body such as your jaw, neck, arm, and/or hand.

When your heart is in distress, it leads to abnormal blood flow to the heart.

This can lead to various symptoms apart from chest pain such as

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sleep apnea
  • Fatigue

Myth 2; I am Young, I Do Not Need to Worry 

Yes, it is true the age is one of the factors leading to heart disease. But it is not true in all shapes and forms. The rate of heart attacks among people who are below 45 is 4-10%.

The main culprit in these cases is your lifestyle choices every step of the way. If you are a foodie, because who isn’t and you love to eat junk food, then it is not a good practice.  Moreover smoking tobacco and other sorts of drugs can also increase your chances of getting heart disease at an early stage of your life.

So being young does not mean that you are immune from developing a heart condition, unless and until you pay the much-needed attention to your heart health.

Myth 3; I Can Not Do Anything About It, As It is in the Genes

Genetics do play a major role in the spread of heart diseases. If a disease runs in your family you are more prone to that disease. There are several steps that one can take to slow the progress of these heart diseases.

For example, you can start with quitting smoking and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Thus make sure that you are not sleeping on these several precautions that you can still take to keep your heart happy and healthy for a long time.

Sometimes it is not only the genetics, but those families are also more susceptible to these diseases who share a similar lifestyle. So be sure to get rid of all those activities that bring you one step closer to these heart diseases.

Myth 4; I have been Smoking for Years, There is No Point in Quitting Now

Have you never heard of the phrase, it is better to quit late than never. The same is the case with smoking. Never ever think that there is no point in stopping now. Smoking tobacco is one of the prime factors that lead to a distressed and ill-functioning heart.

Quitting smoking at any time of your life can improve your health. You are able to live longer, safer, and easier when you quit this waste of a habit.

By quitting smoking you are allowing the blood to circulate at a regular pace and the chances of a stroke also lessen.

Myth 5; Heart Diseases Only Affect Men

No there is not a single strand of truth in this statement. Heart disease equally affects both men and women. It is not a gender-linked disease.

The truth is that men face such types of diseases at an early stage while this is not the same case for women. Women are more prone to stroke. On the other hand, men are at great risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Closing Remarks

We do understand that it is a rather tough task to take care of your health in such a modern-day and world. But you have to keep your mind clear about any misconceptions and myths. Try to stay clear and focus on only the truth regarding these heart diseases. Because at the end of the day, only the truth will save you!!!