5 Inspiring Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Make Your Home Glow


The explosive times of home selling have cooled off a bit since 2021’s sales of over 6 million existing homes. Yet, the reality is that people will continue to sell their homes as they must relocate for jobs or seek to downsize or upsize their homes for practical reasons.

That leaves homeowners with a more difficult, but not insurmountable job, in terms of making their homes appealing for potential buyers. That almost always starts with curb appeal. After all, the exterior of your is the first impression that would-be buyers get.

If you’re selling soon, keep reading for five curb appeal ideas you can apply to your house.

1. Window Boxes


Not every home comes with a huge lawn, or any lawn for that matter. If you live in an arid climate or have a home with a minimal lawn, you boost curb appeal by adding some window boxes to the front.

It’s a relatively low-cost, low-effort way to bring a splash of nature to your home. Plus, it helps signal to potential buyers that your house can project a feeling of home.

2. Landscaping

If your home does have a front lawn, landscaping is an essential way to improve curb appeal. A messy lawn projects a sense of disrepair or neglect, which is terrible for getting good offers.

While you don’t need someone to come in and plant new trees, you should get someone in to mow and edge your lawn. If you have flower beds, plant or have someone plant some non-flowering perennials in them.

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3. Fresh Paint

When it comes to home exterior tips, a little bit of fresh paint can go a long way. Yes, some homeowners go in for a full repaint on their house, but it’s not always necessary. In many cases, you can get the same effect for a lot less effort.

Instead of painting your whole house, look at options like painting the front door, the porch, or window frames.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Good outdoor lighting can cast an almost magical glow around your home. That’s the ideal home exterior styling if people will come by for a showing during the early evening.

5. New Hardware

Another option you should consider is new hardware for the front of your home. The door is an obvious candidate. You can put a new doorknob, handle, or even a knocker on the door.

You can also upgrade the house number hardware on your home to make it pop a bit more.

Curb Appeal Ideas and Your Home

Selling a home is one of the more challenging things that most homeowners do. Yet, you can make your home-selling challenge a bit easier by leveraging the curb appeal ideas above.

Focus on the greenery with some solid landscaping or window boxes. Freshen up the front with new paint or fresh hardware. Invest in some good lighting.

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