5 Factors To Consider While Buying A Portable Air Conditioner


In the sweltering summer heat, staying outdoors is the last thing you want to do. And, if you can’t step out of your house, it must be cool and comfortable all through. An air conditioner helps reduce the indoor temperature and keeps it Cozy. Portable air conditioners are generally small units that consume less power and quickly move from room to room.

Such devices are also easy to install and operate, don’t take up much space, and come in various capacities. This contributes to making it perfect for homes with a small number of occupants. However, buying such a portable air conditioner is quite challenging, with many models on the market today. However, this article should make your buying process stress-free. Here are the top 5 crucial factors to consider when buying a portable AC:

Check For Quality And Durability

If you buy a portable air conditioner, it must be one that you can use for at least five to six years, if not more. So, check the machine’s quality and durability before buying. If the machine is made of cheap quality material, you’ll need to replace it within two years. The material of the air conditioner should be strong to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

It is also essential to check if the air conditioner has an energy star rating. Air conditioners can consume a lot of power. So, buy energy-efficient and Energy Star-certified units the higher the rating, the better the efficiency. This will help you save on electricity bills over the long term.

Also, the air conditioner’s EER and COP rating matter. The higher they are, the more efficient the AC is, and the lower the bill. EER is the Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is a rating that measures the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. The coefficient of performance is the heating or cooling rate produced by the machine compared to the amount of power consumed.

Power Capacity

Capacity is considered the amount of air that the air conditioner can process per hour. So when you’re buying a unit, check the capacity to be sure that the air conditioner will be able to cool the room. Such capacity is indicated in BTUs; the higher the BTUs, the more capacity the machine has to cool a large area.

Along with the capacity, you should also check for the number of people the machine is designed to serve. Supply ducting capacity is another factor to consider. This is the capacity of the ductwork from the air conditioner to the point where the air is needed. Ensure the unit can function at its full potential.

Other factors like the type of room you’ll be cooling and the amount of insulation also matter. The amount of insulation in a room determines how quickly the room will cool down. If a room has minimal insulation, it will cool down quickly. But it will also lose the cool temperature fast. And, that means you’ll need a more powerful AC since you’ll use it frequently.

How Much Noise Will Be Produced?

Noise pollution can be a real issue with ACs. So, if you are planning to buy a portable air conditioner for places with no noise, ensure the machine is noise efficient. Check the decibel rating of the portable air conditioner and its noise reduction features. An air conditioner with a decibel rating of less than 56 is likely to be quiet.

Look For Additional Features

Look for models with useful features such as a timer and remote controls. A timer allows you to set the unit to turn on or off at a specific time. This helps when you are not at home and need to select the unit to turn off when you are not there. Besides this, an automatic air conditioner is an excellent choice if you have small children and pets. It will automatically switch on when the temperature inside the room increases.

The remote-control feature is convenient if you use the air conditioner in one room and need to control it from another. In case you live in a large home and want to install air conditioners in different rooms, you can look for a model with a central control system.


The warranty duration of an air conditioner is an essential factor to consider before buying an AC. The manufacturer promises to repair or replace the machine if it breaks down within the specified period. A more extended warranty period is better, as it indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in its product quality.

Remember, you must not only look at the warranty period of the air conditioner but also check and confirm the terms and conditions of the warranty. The warranty terms will tell you what the manufacturer covers and what is not covered by the warranty.


Portable air conditioners are ideal if you live in a small apartment or travel often and need a cooling solution that you can quickly move from room to room. It is essential to know the conditions where you will use the air conditioner to make an informed choice.

Buying the right air conditioner is crucial, especially if you want to save on power bills. This will also help in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Now that you know the factors to consider while buying a portable air conditioner, you can easily choose the right one.