5 Common Signs You Need a Divorce


Are you wondering if you need a divorce?

For many people, it seems as if divorce has become more of the norm in modern times. In one sense, that is true, but only in the sense that statistics provide. The divorce rate in the United States fluctuates, with figures recently showing about 43 percent of marriages failing.

You don’t have to do anything in a panic, but it’s a good idea to know some of the common signs of a failed marriage so you can weigh your options. What are these signs you need a divorce? Read on to find out!

1. You Cannot Trust Each Other


When it comes to knowing whether it’s time for a divorce, the most common indication is when there is a lost sense of security and trust between partners. This means that one or both partners have lost faith in each other and actively cannot trust each other.

However, divorce cant always be messy and difficult, the couples can always opt for a collaborative divorce. Read more about collaborative divorce and how you can benefit from it.

2. The Communication Gap is Massive

One of the common signs of a failed marriage is when communication between a couple has become virtually non-existent. The ‘communication gap’ is often a sign of deeper unresolved issues.

Issues such as a lack of respect among the spouses, or the unwillingness to compromise, can be the source of this communication barrier. When conversations are no longer productive, it may be time to consider divorce as an option.

3. You Are Defensive in All Your Statements

When it comes to signs that you need a divorce, being defensive in all your statements is not a good sign. When you have an argument or a disagreement, it’s healthy to be willing to listen and understand each other’s points of view. But if you come across as defensive in your statements, it’s a definite sign that something deeper is wrong with the marriage.

4. When You Start Hitting Each Other

If you’re in a relationship that involves physical violence, getting a divorce is necessary. Even if one of the parties has only thrown a handful of punches or kicks, it’s a sign that the relationship is in a dangerous place.

Physical violence is never a healthy way to deal with conflict or stress. You and your partner should take the time to evaluate the root cause of the conflict and decide how to disconnect peacefully.

5. If You Are Verbally and Emotional Abused

Common signs that you need to start your divorce process are if you are verbally and emotionally abused. These include feeling anxious or fearful about your partner, feeling constantly criticized or belittled by your partner, and not feeling safe or secure in your own home.

Your partner may also be not listening to you or not understanding your feelings or may be unable to apologize or take responsibility for their actions. Knowing the signs of divorce can help to avoid making the situation worst.

Know the Signs You Need a Divorce Before the Situation Worsens

It is important to be aware of the common signs you need a divorce, so one can make an informed decision when presented with these warning signs. If you or your partner are feeling any of these emotions, it may be time to consider counseling or speaking with a therapist.

Don’t let fear or pride stand in the way of seeking the necessary help. Take action now to ensure a better future for yourself.

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