5 Common Errors with Home Solar Maintenance and How to Avoid Them


Did you know that in 2022, enough solar panels were built in the United States to power 22 million households?

People who own solar panels will know that regular maintenance is necessary. If you don’t maintain your meetings, you can damage your system and run into energy problems.

How can you learn about solar maintenance to avoid common errors with home solar maintenance? The secret is knowing what to watch out for. That’s why we’ve created a list of common mistakes to avoid.

Read on to learn all about standard solar maintenance and how to avoid making mistakes.


1. Not Monitoring Energy Output

Knowing the exact energy production of your solar system lets you identify when a panel has a defect or is disconnected. Without consistent energy output monitoring, energy losses can quickly become more severe.

Attach a monitor to your solar array that tracks energy production and alerts when output drops unexpectedly to avoid this error. This level of monitoring and analysis of your residential solar system can. It helps you recognize when dirt accumulates on panels and proactively clean them.

2. Not Trimming Trees

This mistake hurts the home solar system’s performance which can result in reduced energy output. It is essential to trim any trees that overshadow the solar installation. Trimming the branches can help ensure the solar panels receive adequate sunlight for optimal performance and production.

Furthermore, regular tree maintenance prevents any potential accumulation of debris or dirt on the modules. This improves the system’s performance and can help you save money on yearly cleaning and maintenance costs.

3. Failing to Perform Regular Inspections

It is essential to make sure to inspect your solar system regularly. It would be best if you examined both the inside and outside of your solar panel system. Inside, check each panel for signs of debris or discoloration.

Ensure all connections are correctly wired and the solar panel array faces the right direction. There are no physical obstructions to the panel’s exposure to sunlight.

4. Ignoring Thermal Scans

This is important because thermal scans can detect any underlying problems before they become too serious. Ignoring this essential task can lead to common mistakes. These include not knowing the system is malfunctioning, incorrect installation of the solar panels, misalignment of the solar array, and poor maintenance of the solar panels.

Homeowners need to inspect their systems and perform thermal scans regularly. This is to detect any underlying problems before they become too serious.

Doing so will also help homeowners increase the efficiency of their system and obtain their desired energy savings. It is also essential to uncover hot spots.

5. Neglecting to Clean Solar Panels

Homeowners should regularly check and clean their solar panel surfaces to ensure optimal performance. The best approach is to brush off as much debris as possible with a soft-bristled brush, then use a mild cleaning solution.

Pay special attention to areas near the house and around trees, as these areas trap more dirt and debris. Cleaning solar panels should be done twice a year or more if the site is filthy.

Be Aware of These Errors With Home Solar Maintenance

Solar power can be a great environmentally friendly energy source for your home, but proper maintenance is essential. Following the advice given in this article, you can avoid common errors with home solar maintenance.

Educating yourself on the basics of solar system maintenance is the key to taking advantage of solar power’s cost and environmental benefits.