5 Actionable Air Compressor Service Tips


Air compressors play a vital role at industrial companies worldwide, and significant downtime could place your operations at a standstill. Air compressors account for ten percent of all energy used for manufacturing in the United States, so they play a vital role in keeping the economy rolling. Issues with air compressor service could cost your manufacturing business millions.

Understanding the best air compressor tips is essential to keep your compressor online and your business running. You never know when you’ll need air compressor repair, but less time results in greater production.

Fortunately for your manufacturing business, you’re in the perfect place to learn five helpful tips when encountering an air compressor breakdown. Continue reading to avoid an unnecessary air compressor replacement today!

1. Read the Manual


It sounds like an obvious answer, but the owner’s manual will provide the instructions and insights you need to get your air compressor back online. Each model differs in design and components. Reading the manual is the best way to understand how your compressor works.

Not only will you know how to handle air compressor repair, but you’ll also allow for a longer lifespan. You won’t need an air compressor replacement for years with proper maintenance.

2. Check Oil Levels

Your air compressor works similarly to a car engine to produce compressed air. The oil keeps the moving parts from overheating, damaging, or ruining your compressor. Check the oil levels consistently to avoid service issues in the future.

3. Inspect the Air Filter

The air filter is another crucial component to monitor when running an air compressor at your business. A clogged air filter will result in malfunctions and premature air compressor service. Pollutants and pollen in the air will cause your air compressor to break down and stop functioning as designed.

A new, clean air filter will allow your compressor to breathe. Ensure you’re installing the proper type of air filter for the best results. The Atlas Copco parts catalog is an excellent resource for replacement parts.

4. Clean Intake Vents

Clogged intake vents results in your air compressor getting overworked and overheated. Keep your intake vents spotless to extend the lifespan of your air compressor when creating compressed air for your manufacturing operations. Dust is the main culprit to look out for.

5. Inspect Fasteners

The average air compressor has several fasteners, and loose fasteners could create a dangerous situation. The vibrations caused by the compressed air loosen fasteners over time. Check the fasteners with consistency to ensure that your compressor is operating in a safe manner.

Manage Your Air Compressor Service Today

You don’t need to hire a professional to manage most aspects of air compressor service for your manufacturing company. Inspecting the fasteners and keeping intake vents clear will extend the life of your compressor and keep it online. Replace the air filter and check the oil levels to ensure all moving parts have the necessary lubrication.

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