4 Tips for Buying a Cam Follower


Did you know that with the right maintenance and a proper cam follower you can get up to 500,000 miles out of your current vehicle? Cam followers are essential if you want to keep your engine running strong for years to come. Little things like the cam follower bearings will play a big role in gas mileage as well as your vehicle’s power numbers.

If you’re wondering, “What is a cam follower, and why are they important?” then today is your lucky day. You’ve found the right article to help you understand the importance of getting a good follower cam as well as some tips for picking one out.

Keep reading this article to learn four helpful tips today!

1. Consider Potential Timing Issues


The first thing to consider when you’re shopping online for a cam follower is the potential for timing issues. The horsepower of your car’s engine is determined in large part by the intake valve and the timing for when it closes.

Getting the wrong cam and follower could result in the intake valve closing at the wrong time. You’ll end up getting much worse performance from your engine and you’ll open the door to experiencing some major mechanical issues. Checking out https://www.intechpower.com/product-types/cam-followers will put you on the right track toward finding cam followers.

2. Check the Fine Print

As with any engine part, it’s always best to check the fine print and make sure that your new cam follower is compatible with your engine. You need to make sure that the cam and follower are designed to work with the pressure and power that your engine produces. Getting the wrong cam follower will result in worse gas mileage, lesser acceleration, and issues with other parts of the engine.

3. Measure the Valve Lift

The distance that the valve lifts is also important to think about when you’re shopping for a new cam follower and cam follower bearings. The distance that the valve opens plays a massive role in the amount of air that enters the engine. You’ll want a cam follower that opens more if you’re concerned with your engine’s performance.

4. Type of Metal

You’ll also need to do research on the type of metal that is best with your engine when it comes to the cam follower. Some cam followers are made of steel, which might hold up under stress better but it will also add a lot of weight to your vehicle. Aluminum cam followers might be a better option if you’re concerned with weight and overall performance.

Start Shopping for the Perfect Cam Follower Today

Getting the right cam follower will make a massive difference in the longevity of your car’s engine as well as its performance. If you love your car and you want to hold onto it for years to come then you need to measure the amount of valve lift and read the fine print before purchasing a cam and follower. You should also find the right type of metal for the cam follower.

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