4 Clever Backyard Clean up Tips and Tricks


Did you know that Americans spend around $40 billion each year caring for their lawns? It would be wise to up your property maintenance skills to avoid shelling out more money for significant maintenance later. And you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for cost-effective solutions.

Read on to learn the 4 clever backyard clean up tips and tricks!

1. Gather Your Gear in One Place

You can make backyard maintenance a much easier proposition if you’re organized. Consider devoting a shelf, drawer, or tool belt to your gardening and maintenance supplies. For instance, you’ll want to have gardening gloves, a sun hat, and a work shirt ready.


You’ll also want to have critical tools in a clear place. If you use a leaf blower to clean your gutters, for example, stash it near these work clothes. That way, if you experience a damaging summer storm and need to clean debris from the gutters, you’ll be prepared.

2. Streamline the Raking Process

When it comes to backyard clean up tips, one of the best ones is to change your approach to raking. Most people tend to rake leaves into piles — and they don’t pay attention to the weather conditions when they do so.

Make sure to rake only on the dry ground so you avoid damaging the grass beneath the leaves. And when you rake, aim to rake rows of leaves. That way, you won’t be stuck with an overwhelming pile and instead will have bite-size piles of leaves to remove.

For a proactive approach, place a tarp around the base of trees that shed a lot of leaves. Then use a leaf blower to push the remaining leaves onto the tarp. This will speed up the process of gathering leaves and involve far less labor on your part.

3. Remove Dead Branches

If you want your favorite shrubs to return to glory in the spring, you’ll want to do a little trimming first. Don’t simply expect the branches on your bushes to look radiant.

Instead, commit to pruning your bushes to remove dead branches or ones that appear diseased. If you have any branches that are jutting out too far, cut them back, too. By doing this simple backyard tidy up task, you’ll ensure that your bushes look full and robust in the spring.

4. Deal with Backyard Pests

No one likes to see holes, trenches, or chewed wood on doorframes in their backyard. But if you have moles or other rodents wreaking havoc on your yard, you’ll end up with bigger problems down the road.

Check these rodent control services when you need help right away. You’ll be able to avoid having pests who will cause expensive damage taking up residence in your yard!

Master Backyard Clean Up

Backyard clean up doesn’t have to be a chore if you know a few property maintenance tips. Deal with pest problems immediately, and be prepared for backyard cleaning by organizing your gear. Trim dead branches and improve your raking game, too.

When you need more home improvement tips, check back for the latest articles!