4 Benefactory and Donor Recognition Ideas to Say Thank You


There are many businesses, non-profit organizations, or companies centered around the Arts that we enjoy and appreciate every single day. However, sometimes these businesses are either subsidized by beneficiaries and donors or receive support from companies who use and enjoy their services often.

This piece will take a look at some of the thoughtful ways businesses can show their gratitude for the contributions they have received.

A Thank You Plaque

A thank you plaque might be one of the more obvious choices when we think about saying thank you to someone in an official capacity, but there is definitely a reason for that. Thank you plaques are classic and timeless, and can also be created in a variety of styles for a personalized touch.

There is also the usefulness of their versatility, as it is possible to embed or attach a plaque to pretty much anywhere you are allowed, which means you can ask for customized sizes too. They can also be used on stands to go next to a specific dedication such as an ornament or a tree.


An Inscribed Brick

For a more unique choice, why not opt for an inscribed brick. These sweet little dedications are a fantastic way to honor those who have contributed to a big project such as the building of a building, an extension, or an outside area. Especially if these donors in particular are the ones who helped make the project happen at all.

You can have whatever you like inscribed on a brick, and then either use it to be part of the build for a personalized touch or create your own wall of thanks made entirely of them! The choice is yours. For a professional company, contact BrickMarkers.

Furniture of Gratitude

Many of us have had a nice leisurely stroll in the park and sat on a bench which had a dedication placed neatly into the back. While you can use a plaque on almost anything, some like to go the extra mile in investing in a specific furniture piece to say thank you to donors or benefactors.

For example, if a company or a person has donated a significant amount of money to help maintain a community garden or has gone the extra mile in helping provide for a new children’s room or play area, a customized bench or seat is a lovely touch to say thank you, that can be placed right where the magic has happened.

Wall Art

If you are creative, there are many ways you can dedicate a wall to donors and benefactors that have supported you or your business.

Long gone are the days where it was custom to line up names down the side of a magnolia wall – now you can use all kinds of materials to create wall art that says thank you to those who deserve it. Glass, acrylics, and mixed media all work great to create something special that will be appreciated and treasured by benefactors and beneficiaries alike!