Top 4 Anime Sites to Stream Your Favorite Anime


Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID19, the majority of us are staying at home all the time and even working at home. So, we have some entertainment options, and for anime fans, this is not an issue. All they have to do is just turn their computers on and watch anime from so many anime sites to choose from.

Since there are many anime sites to choose from, it may prove difficult to find the one that suits your needs. We also have to consider other factors such as security from malware, high-quality videos, and of course, the dubs and subs versions of the anime. So, if you want to know what the top three anime sites are, you’ve got to read further in our article.


Our list of the best anime sites is AnimeLab, a free streaming site for anime. It is packed with many anime titles that you can freely access anytime and anywhere you want, from new titles like Fruits Basket remake to classics like Danmachi. You are also given the option to write feedback and rate the anime and see other people’s ratings.


AnimeLab also offers subscription tiers, but you can still watch each anime title without paying for a single cent and watch simulcasts on the website as well. AnimeLab offers schedules for simulcasts for you to catch up on your favorite lives. As AnimeLab comes with a very clean and intuitive user interface, you can easily navigate through its website and easily find the show that you are looking for.

Soul Anime

If you search for another viable option to stream anime without having to spend anything, you should check Soul Anime out. You can find all the major anime titles you may want to watch, and it also has a very comprehensive media library. Additionally, you can also watch a lot of animated movies if you want.


Another famous anime streaming site we have for you is Anime Frenzy. It has everything that you are looking for in an anime streaming site and more. It does not only let you watch from their expansive library, but it also comes with a lot of amazing features that we are sure you will enjoy.

You can find all the classic anime in their library, and a randomizer button to give you a random anime title if you don’t know what to watch first. As for the cream on the top, it comes with dubbed and subbed versions of anime shows.


AnimeHeaven is a straightforward and easy to navigate anime site that enables you to watch anime shows for free. It even has some Netflix Originals such as Castlevania! And Violet Evergarden, to name some. The only downside is that you will encounter many annoying pop-up ads, but with a little help of “Ctrl + W” and reliable antivirus software, you won’t miss out on anything.


Just hearing the name of the site, you already know that it houses the best old-school anime. If you want to relive the anime shows you watched when you were a kid and feel nostalgic about it, RetroCrush is the way to go! It gives you similar feelings as picking an old VHS tape.

Just like any other free anime streaming site, it mostly relies on pop-up ads, but with RetroCrush, its pop-up ads aren’t that distracting or invasive. Though RetroCrush offers a Premium Subscription if you want to get rid of all the pop-up ads.


Just like any other product you would want, you still have to consider some factors before diving right into it, right? For example, when picking the best anime site, you should consider the subbed and dubbed options, affordability, and accessibility. Though there are many free sites out there, you would have to endure the pop-up ads.