3 Ways to Keep Your Business Premises Secure


It is critical to ensure your business premises is as secure as possible at all times. This includes the building itself, everything and everyone inside it, and even your stored data, which, like everything else, is vulnerable to theft. If you’re not careful, you could be inviting anybody to come in and steal anything they want just by not keeping your business premises secure. Read on to find out what you can do to prevent this from happening.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

When you want to improve security, the first step is to do a risk assessment on the building. To do this, you will need to go around the structure to discover any weak points via which someone might get inside. This might be a window that doesn’t quite close fully or a door that is kept jammed open to allow employees to come and go as they please. It could even be a damaged roof.

Next, look online. When it comes to your online presence, you should look at whether your website is secure and how you keep your clients’ information protected. Talk to your workers about anything they think would make things more secure as well.


Improve Your Entry Points

The entry points of your building will be the main source of possible break-ins, and therefore you should concentrate your efforts here to ensure they are fully protected. Your doors have to be strong, and they need to lock properly; if the locks are old or weak, have a locksmith change them, so you know they are as safe as possible. A keypad entry adds an extra degree of protection, as only those who have the code can get inside.

Your windows will also need to be kept secure. Some people like to install bars on them, but this can be a problem for your employees and for customers – it looks unattractive. However, it is possible to install bars that can be pulled across at night, improving security. As for your roof, call in a professional company such as Lidoran to repair any holes or weak spots and make it safer.

Alarms and Cameras

Installing a camera system is an excellent way to guarantee your site is as safe as possible, and it will also assist you if there is a break-in since you will have pictures and video proof of the incident. Giving this to the police will make it easier to locate the thieves and secure a conviction. Cameras also serve as a deterrent since it is much simpler for a would-be thief to break into a building that doesn’t have it than it is to risk getting caught by breaking into one that does.

Another effective deterrent is an alarm system. Again, if a criminal notices you have an alarm installed, they are much less likely to attempt a break-in, and if they do and the alarm goes off, the police (assuming it is programmed to notify them) will be on their way in minutes. Install the best alarm that your budget will allow as this really would be money well spent.