10 Basic Ways to Get Your House Neat and Clean


Maintaining a clean and hygienic home is one of the primary needs. A cleaned and happy house bring and maintain a healthy atmosphere and eliminate most of the health problems. Everyone likes to see a clean and organized home every day. But often fail to achieve this desire and cleaning and maintaining the house often become a big headache. But you need not worry as one can easily make their house neat and clean by following some ways and easy methods in routine. Devoting some little time every day toward cleaning will surely make the home look good, cleaned, and systematic each day. Nowadays, keeping the home beautiful are equally with keeping the face beautiful because a healthy home creates an effective positive, and healthy environment.

From cleaning carpets to maintaining bed mattresses here, we have provided the ten basic methods or ways to get your home neat and clean. One only needed to incorporate these ten simple home cleaning habits in their routine to make their house a happy and beautiful dust-free home. These following ten ways are as follows:

1. Regular cleaning of the carpets: A clean carpet is very important for both the health of the members of the house who live in it and for the appearance of the home. Regularly cleaning the carpet is very important and essential to make the house germs, dust, and viruses free. One of the best ways to keep the carpet clean is to vacuum them daily. One needed to make it a daily routine to clean carpets for at least 20-30 minutes. Proper cleaning and regular vacuuming help in keeping the carpets clean and make them last for a longer time. Regular cleaning will remove dust, dirt, and allergens. Moreover, if you find any stain on the carpet, a proper measure must be taken to remove that particular stain. There are various home ingredients like salt, vinegar, milk, etc. that can be used as a stain remover.

2. Proper maintenance of the upholstered furniture: To make your home clean, one needs to maintain the upholstered furniture. It is easy to keep the upholstered furniture and also does not take much time. Normally one can use a simple vacuuming technique that can remove a minimum of 70% of dirt and germs from the furniture. While the upholstered furniture materials like the sofa, furniture, chair, tables, etc. are a comfort source, they require proper maintenance and regular care. Upholstery needs to be clean once a week, and deep cleaned at least once or twice a month. It is easy to clean the upholstered furniture all by yourself. However, if the stains on furniture and upholstery are stubborn and unmanageable, then one can contact the professionals.

3. Frequent cleaning of the mattresses: Keeping the bedroom clean in one of the essential parts of the house, where we usually spent most of the time. To make bed clean, one needs to follow a routine of cleaning every morning and evening. One can follow the following ways to maintain the bed and mattresses to make their home clean.

  • Wash and change your bedsheets at regular intervals.
  • To make your mattresses last longer, keep your mattresses dry by protecting it from moisture by covering it with a mattress.
  • Using a cover for mattress help to protect mattresses from stains.
  • Take immediate effective measures to clean the stains on mattresses.

4. Keep the kitchen clean: The kitchen in the house is a place that needs to be properly cleaned and maintain as it affects the health of the family. The kitchen looks dirty and unhygienic due to cooking and dishwashing sometimes. So, every day the following ways or methods can be used to clean the kitchen.

  • Gather dirty dishes in the sink, and do not leave them on tables also make the kitchen look clean and empty.
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters each time after cooking
  • Wash and properly clean the sink after washing dishes
  • Maintain a separate kitchen dustbin or trash container only for kitchen wastes
  • Clean the refrigerators and freezer once or twice in a week
  • Sweep the kitchen floor daily

5.Clean the bathroom: The bathroom is one of the main areas of the house which gets dirty very often and requires regular maintenance and cleaning. If the bathroom is no regularly cleaned, it can spread germs and infections in the entire home and can cause various health problems. The following ways and methods can be used for cleaning and maintaining the bathroom.

  • Wash the shower curtains at regular intervals
  • Remove all the items related to shower, bathroom, etc. from their usual spot
  • Daily swap the bathroom floor to avoid germs
  • Clean the toilet regularly by using effective toilet cleaning products

6. Vacuum and mopping: One of the effective and necessary parts of the cleaning process is vacuuming and mopping. Vacuuming or mopping must be done at regular intervals, and it should cover all the areas of the house, whether it is a kitchen, living room, yard, garden, store, etc. One can also use eco-friendly ways and homemade ingredients like vinegar, salt, shaving cream, baking soda, etc. to mop down the floors in best and effective ways. Vacuuming and mopping are equally important as they will bring back the shine of floors, carpet, etc. and make the home neat and clean.

7. Clean the mess immediately: one of the effective methods of cleaning the house is developing the habit of cleaning the mess quickly and immediately. By doing so, it will become very easy to make the whole house clean and look effective. One can clean the mess in the following ways.

  • Mop the floors
  • Clean the messy room by arranging things
  • Immediately clean stain on floor, carpet, bed, etc.
  • Clean the dishes from the sink timely
  • Wipe down and clean the kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Organize shoes properly

8. Dispose of the trash every day: A simple way to clean the home is to develop the regular habit of disposing of the trash. One can use different bins for kitchen, yard, rooms, and bathrooms to make the dispose of the trash easily. We can further reduce the garbage and trash by recycling recyclables such as glass, paper, etc. Moreover, from food and garden waste, one can easily make a compost, which can be used as fertilizer in the garden. Away Today rubbish removal service advises at times, during spring cleaning, you might have excess trash piling up, which won’t fit in your regular bin. If this is the case, you will require a rubbish removal service, that will safely remove all this excess trash or unwanted household items that you can’t put in your regular trash bin.

9. Frequently wash the curtains: Curtains carry most of the dust, dirt, and germs, so one should try to make a habit of cleaning curtains at frequent intervals like two times or one time in a month, etc. According to their convenience. Having the curtains cleaned on a regular interval basis is a good idea which will keep the house clean and fresh.

10. Take proper measure against indoor pests: Small insects like ants, cockroaches, bees, mice, mosquitoes, moisture bugs, spiders, etc. can easily enter in your home and can make your home dirty and look unpleasant. Moreover, these indoor pests are dangerous as they can spread various infections and diseases which are not good. While cleaning your home a proper measure needed to be taken to keep these indoor pests out of your home. One can follow the following ways to kill and get rid of these indoor pests.

  • Protect wood and wood-based furniture from moisture
  • Use effective pest killer equipment and product
  • Properly cover the food items
  • Find out and reduce or eliminate the pest hiding spots in the home
  • Use chemical pest killers if needed to kill the hidden pest in the house.
  • Vacuum the home frequently to eliminate pest or pest eggs

Thus, these were all the necessary ways and methods which one can use at home to make the house properly neat and clean. Besides these, there are many other techniques and methods which one can follow to make their home clean and hygiene. But if you feel that full house cleaning is a big problem and you cannot be able to handle it alone then doesn’t panic as you can get the professional services of the experts. Our company Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney provides various services such as carpet cleaning in Sydney, pest control, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and much more. On can easily contact us and can make their house happily clean and free from germs and viruses.