Yoga Lovers-Are you stuck in a rut? Shake up your yoga practice today


When your daily actions and spiritual lives are out of sync, you lose the ability to intuit.

The less you intuit, the more disconnected you get to yourself. You may also develop feelings of inertness in our bodies.

Well, loving yoga doesn’t mean you’ll become immune to frustrations and at times getting tired of the practice. If you’re frustrated or bored with your yoga practice, what do you do, give up? Certainly not.

What you need is to rediscover your motivation. It’ll help you get back on track.

In this article, we’ll discuss the crucial tips you need to shake up your yoga practice, today.

 Be Creative with Your Sequencing

If you’re doing the same routine for months or years, at some point, you’ll develop feelings of boredom. Whenever this happens, you’ll need to be creative on how you sequence your steps.

For instance, if you’ve been doing old Sun X and Y, you may need to do some different sequencing. One you’ve not tried. It may also mean connecting moves to breathe in poses you’ve been doing.

With enough experimentation, the practice improves and sparks your creativity. With this, leaving boredom becomes easier.

 Try a New Meditation or Pose

It’s quite amazing how a minute change can impact your yoga experience. Well, be innovative. Try to find out how to work your way to a specific pose.

Well, before trying this, you’ll need to do your research thoroughly. Check what the new pose entails, and the part of the body to focus on.

If you try something new, there’s a chance you’ll experience some subtle outcomes. Well, these outcomes will illuminate your yoga practice in a whole new way.

 Try Other Types of Yoga

Probably you’ve been taking vinyasa all through. Well, you can challenge yourself to accept something meditative and slower like Restorative Yoga or Yin.

Sometimes, all you need to experience excellent results is to shake it up and dive into an entirely new practice. Stoke your interests by trying a new teacher.

Every style and teacher have the potential to offer a new perspective. Always keep an open mind, there’s a chance you’ll fall in love with Yoga again.

 Consider Using Different Parts of Your Yoga Mats

Have you tried using different parts of your mat? The idea rhymes perfectly with creative sequencing. Here, you try facing different directions, using different areas or corners of your mat to light things up.

Well, have you ever tried using your hands to walk to the back? Maybe you’re used to stepping your foot forward to the top of the mat. What if you change this?

There’s a possibility you may discover a new way to face the back and sequence your way to face forward of your mat again.

The limit of possibilities you can realise is only limited to your imaginations. Try something different, if it works, grab it.

 Try Self Acknowledgement

Are you paying attention to how your body reacts as you perform Yoga? If you’re noticing how the movements and choices are affecting you, you’ll be able to feel gratitude in the process.

Use these self-acknowledgement tips.

a) Notice
In life, you’ve to make a myriad of choices. Well, there’s no need to throw out a routine that works for you.
Noticing how you feel about something is the most significant step you can make towards self-acknowledgement. It validates what you think about yourself and how you react to different stimuli.

But, are you synonymous with your feelings? Of course not, they change from time to time. However, you’re the person who chooses whether to honour them or not.

b) Take Action
Once you notice how you feel about something, what do you do about it? With the different yoga choices, which one do you trace and which one do you leave out.

Well, if something is working, there’s no need to change it. If it’s not working, change becomes inevitable. If you want to change a given routine or behaviour, you’ll need intent and action.

Well, this requires some experiential learning rather than anticipatory learning. Well, trying to do something differently is quite challenging.

Either way, you can also learn a new behaviour that helps mould your business and relationship with other people. Try it out, now.

c) Internalize
Well, have you tried staying inside yourself, sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not. There are some ways to travel to our intangible centres.

For instance, if you hold your dog and pet it for two minutes, you’re being reminded of your centre. Why? If you’re showing it love by rubbing its belly, it’s probably showing you the same love by allowing you stroke it.

Well, if your husband or wife hugs you more than usual, you’re reminded of your centre.

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