Yoga For Ear Problems

Yoga For Ear Problems

It might sound like numbo jumbo originating from the east, but it is not! It is an established fact that practicing yoga can give relief from issues related to our ears, which come under the umbrella of ear problems. They range from Sensorineural hearing loss (Nerve deafness) to mild ear infections and discomfort or pain in the ears. Chronic ear problems lower the quality of the day-to-day life of people suffering from poor ear health. This article will touch upon the most common types of ear problems and how yoga can help improve ear health. The advantages and the cure for the chronic ear problems and an in-depth insight into the tried and tested yoga for hearing loss and exercises for ear.

The benefits of yoga are well documented, selected Asanas or exercises target the parts of our body that need relief. Similarly, yoga for hearing loss can improve our hearing ability and reduce or eliminate many chronic ear problems.

Yoga And Its Effect On Ear Health

Yoga consists of poses known as Asanas and Mudras, which are accompanied by proper breathing techniques. Yoga helps align the chakras or the body’s energy points that help in the proper functioning of the organs and the mind. We all know that the mind and the body are closely related to health and well-being. Besides aging, ear issues are also caused due to improper circulation, stress, bad body postures, and an inactive lifestyle.

We will discuss a few yoga Asanas for the ear in brief. We can also read about the Asanas in detail, along with the step by step instructions and videos. The exercises not only increase the blood circulation of the body in general but also send blood to the small parts of the ear through the tiny blood vessels. An increase in blood supply and a reduction in muscular stress help improve the body’s balance and reduce the loss of balance caused by certain ear conditions.

Recommended Asanas For Improving Healthy Ears

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This asana improves the posture of the body and thereby improves the circulation of the body. It also helps improve the balance of the body and hence counters the ear issue related to balance.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

In this Asana, the blood rushes to the head. It thereby improves circulation in the ear and the adjoining areas of the head. This action is said to be effective in curing Tinnitus.

Bhramari Pranayama

This Asana is also known as the honey bee breathing pranayama. It involves deep inhalation and exhalation; a humming sound is produced while exhaling. The sound is similar to a humming bee. This action helps in increasing the vibration or resonance in the inner ear, thereby helping in amplifying the sound in the ears.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Ear Problems?

1. Tinnitus

It is an ear condition characterized by ringing, buzzing, or humming in the ears. Two of the many causes of tinnitus are high blood pressure and nerve related issues. The Asanas mentioned above are known to reduce the ringing in the ears.

2.  Vertigo

It is an ear condition that causes dizziness or vertigo. In short, the balance of an individual gets affected. It is similar to the feeling that one has during motion sickness.

3.  Ear Infection

Though bacteria cause the middle ear infection, good blood circulation to the parts of the ear helps the body to fight the infection. Minor infections will not require medication if one practices the above Asanas.

Yoga for ears can be effective for chronic issues; having said that, it is always better to take care of our ears and get ear issues sorted out and not delay treatment.


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