How To Select The Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones?

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

If you are searching for the key factors to consider while buying the best wireless Bluetooth earphones, you have landed at the right place.

I have curated a list of key factors (that although includes almost every possible factor) that you should definitely check for while hunting the best wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Let’s begin…

Types of headphones

Before going further, you must figure out which type of headphones you particularly are in search of as a lot of people confuse earphones with headphones.

In general terms, earphones or the wireless earphones are one type of head[phones that are available in the market.

The common types of headphones are:

  • In-ear headphones; which is generally termed as earphones.
  • On-ear headphones; that partially cover your ears.
  • Over-ear headphones; that completely cover your ears.

Ergonomics of the wireless Bluetooth earphones:

This is one of the most important factors that have no direct impact on the functionality of the wireless Bluetooth earphones but it highly influences the usability of the Bluetooth earphones.

The ergonomics includes everything related to the design of the wireless Bluetooth earphones like the material used to make the buds and wires, colour combinations, groves, and much more.

In general terms, the better the ergonomics, the more comfortable you will be while you will wear your wireless Bluetooth earphones.

So be picky with the selection of your earphones in terms of its design.

Build quality and reliability of the earphones:

Now this factor alone covers a ton of sub-factors like the build quality, quality of microphone and earbuds, buttons on the control device of the Bluetooth earphone and most importantly, the weight of the earphone.

You must be already knowing how much each of these factors can impact on the usability of the earphones you will buy, so, just briefing you about each of these factors:

  • The build quality of the wireless Bluetooth earphones will determine how often you will wear and for how long. It will also showcase your style and way of living.
  • Quality of the microphone will determine the sound quality when you will be using the earphones while on the call with some person.
  • Earbuds quality will offer maximum comfort when you will wear the earphones. As this is the in-ear type of headphone so you can’t afford a cheap or low-quality material to go in your ears every time.
  • The quality of buttons on the remote will give the ease of playing with music and using the playback controls system.
  • The weight of the earphones you will purchase is of high consideration as the heavier your wireless Bluetooth earphones, the less likely you will wear it or take it around with you.

Pairing, Connectivity, and range:

This is one of the most important factors while purchasing the best wireless earphones. However amazing that could be but without proper range, connectivity, and pairing facility of a Bluetooth earphone it is not worth investing upon.

Pairing: Look out for a Bluetooth earphone with a fast pairing facility so that you could just put them in your ears and you are ready to go.

Range: This factor although depends upon the physical obstacles and distance. But you will very easily get a range of 15-30 feet of range for almost every Bluetooth earphone. For this keep a check on the codec of the earphone.

Connectivity: Make sure that your device has proper connectivity with the other device so that you could attend a call or listen to music without any fluctuations in the sound. With advanced technologies like Apt X, the issue of connectivity is solved to a larger extent.

In-built Remote control of the wireless Bluetooth earphone:

The controls available on the Bluetooth earphone depend upon the cost of the device. The expensive one will have controls for volume moderation, forwarding a track, issue voice commands, or taking phone calls.

Some of the best Bluetooth earphones will have a feature like connecting with Siri or google assistant so that you can search anything you want without even touching your phone.

Or else a feature likes pausing the track as soon as you take out the earphones. This will let you enjoy the complete wireless experience.

But not all these features are very essential as you can operate them with your smartphone. So chose the earphone according to your needs and requirements.

Sound Quality and Base:

What is the main reason for you to buy the best Bluetooth earphone?

If you are going for a Bluetooth earphone the reason most probably will be you want to enjoy great sound without those tangled wires. So it is very crucial to ensure the sound quality of the Bluetooth earphone as not necessarily you will get the same sound quality in two different products.

One may give half the volume at the maximum level as compared to the other one. Sound quality should be clear, loud, crisp, and flawless.

This also includes the quality of sound you get while on call and to achieve the best experience you must check for the feature of noise cancellation that will cut the background noise and allow you to talk on call comfortably even in the traffic.

Moreover, there is a new advanced technology called the “aptX technology” that can enhance the sound quality to a greater extent.

This feature now comes in-built in almost all the best Bluetooth earphones. However, you should personally check for it in the product specifications whether it is available or not.

Battery life and charging speed of the Bluetooth 

Most of the wireless Bluetooth Earphones provides a good battery backup; however, it depends on your usage. It is important to look for wireless headsets with a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of listening time and standby time of over a week.

These numbers might vary with product specification, model and other aspects.

Cost and warranty of the earphone:

In my view, this is the most important factor to consider as after you have selected a couple of wireless Bluetooth earphones, the end decision is completely based on the cost of these earphones and the budget you have decided to spend on that.


To sum up, I would say that it is a bit tough to find the best suited Bluetooth earphones when loads of options are available to you.